Bad News Flick Fanciers
We've had to temporarily close our SHE Studio's store due to the sudden, shocking & so far mysterious failure of phantomcart, the shopping cart software we've been using for years now to allow you to download our flicks & cannot send them to you ourselves due to the large size of most of our clip files & the size limits for email attachments we're all stuck with. 
Of course, we're rushing to find a new shopping cart to replace phantomcart & resolve this unfortunate & unexpected ordeal  asap, & trust you'll be understanding, patient & willing to keep checking back until our SHE Studios download store is back, too.

Good News Fanzine fans!!
Fortunately, the phantomcart software that's embedded on our own site is still doing what it should by sending us a notice of your order & list of the fanzines you purchased, which means we can & probably already have reverted to the old-fashioned ways we miss more than ever right now to fill your order via email attachments you can then download as easily as ever.

Questions?  Concerns?
Please feel free to use this email link/address,, to send them to us & rest assured you'll receive a friendly, personal reply & always be afforded total confidentiality. Thanks for your support & please do accept our apologies for this sad & shocking situation we've been forced into together!  - Barb, Michael & the SHE crew


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