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Best of the Best Editions!
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Firm-Handed Ladies  1

No-Nonsense Ladies  1 - 5

Red-Cheeked Recollections 1

Strictly Speaking Spanking  2 - 4

The Upper Hand  4

Strictly Speaking
Woman to Woman Spanking  1
+ 2


9 Sin-sational Singles!
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Corrective Measures

Equal Justice

Kristine's CP Adventures

Completely Captivating Lisa

Sensational Mainstream Spankabilia

Spanking Sitters

The O'Fahey Girls Under the Oaks Up Yours


90 Assorted Timelessly
Thrilling Titles/Issue #'s!

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Devoted to Discipline  2 - 6

Firm Forceful Femmes 1 - 3

Firm Handed Ladies  1 - 10

No Nonsense Ladies  1 - 25

Red-Cheeked Recollections  1 - 11

Spanking Sisters Blushing Bros  1 - 3

Strictly Speaking Spanking  29 - 50

The Upper Hand  38 + 39

Woman to Woman Spanking  1 - 15

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