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Since the dark, sexist, pre-net,


ALL full-featured Scarlett Hill family fanzines are proudly packed with full, print-it-yourself-able, commercial ad free pages of pure spanking pleasure & satisfaction in the form of all NEW & original, lightly edited & embellished testimonials, recollections & other contributions by friends & fans plus our own fiction, articles, spanking special features, spankabilia & recommendations of other entities at the time of publication that we thought our fans would find additionally entertaining in the past & still in our newer, full blushing color, Adobe PDF SHE-mag editions via links  you can use if you have an internet provider. Questions? Please feel free to ask & Click Here to do so now & expect a prompt, friendly response within 24 hours.

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Pink for totally/mostly Fem-tops-Fem titles
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Blue for totally/mostly Male-tops-Fem titles
Yellow for a mix of 2/all 3 preferences

Aunty's Old-Fashioned
Spanking Erotica!

A by-popular-naughty-demand FemDom fanzine, this
time for never too old to be naughty nephews & nieces!

Completely Captivating Lisa!
She-He & sisterly spanking & way beyond into the ultimate
acts of up the ass submission a man & woman can make or take!

College CP Capers
Our spanking newest single subject sizzler centers
on the popularity of CP at college past & preset!

Corrective Measures!
Fleshed out dominant male boss fantasy cums true!

Devoted to Discipline!
Between strictly traditional men & women who believe
in & benefit from real NEVER too old punishment!

Equal Justice!
Fleshed out & fun, mostly FemDom fantasy follows a woman's
discovery of discipline & mission to use it for the blushing benefit
of everyone in her rosy-red new world!!

Firm Forceful Femmes!
She-He spanking & way, way beyond into bondage & the
ultimate act of up the ass submission a man can make or take!

Firm-Handed Ladies!
Barb's naughtily nostalgic She-He spanking &
eventually more
Bay Area fanzine!

The O'Fahey Girls!
Mostly Fem-Fem period piece by Nigel McParr
presents maternal spanking & sisterly love!

Kristine's CP Adventures!
Fantasy-cum-true tale of a mother's late discovery
of spanking &
eager efforts to make up for lost time!

NO-Nonsense Ladies!
Our now humbly historic & hotter than ever
FLAGSHIP FemDom fanzine features something
for every She-scolds-strips-spanks-He taste!

Awesome overflow of outstanding letters we
couldn't fit in the pub above.  2 volumes available.

Our newly renamed fanzine for manly men &
never too old to be naughty girls of ALL ages!

Another  by-popular-naughty-demand FemDom
fanzine, this time for never too old to be naughty kids
of ALL shapes, sizes& ages these "Boomerang" days!

Over Aunty's Knee!
A by-popular-naughty-demand follow-up to
our first Aunty spanks offering. In color this time!

Old School Days DISCIPLINE!
Another by-popular-naughty-demand FemDom fanzine,
this time for never too old to be naughty pupils & students!

Our perpetually most popular publication presents
the where it all began tales we all treasure

Mainstream Spankabilia!
A tribute to the old-fashioned & sexist ways
we had to rely on for kicks back in the day!

Another by-popular-naughty-demand FemDom
fanzine, this time for fans of on the job spanking!
2 volumes available.

Spank-Happy StepMoms!
Another by-popular-naughty-demand FemDom fanzine,
this time for never too to be naughty step kids of ALL ages!
2 volumes available.

Spank-Happy Wives!
Times have changed & taboos have crumbled! Our
hottest by-popular-naughty-demand FemDom fanzine,
this time for all the spank-happy spouses out there!

Spanking Sisters,
Blushing Brothers!

Another by-popular-naughty-demand FemDom
fanzine, this time for once & some still luck
y to
be blushing brothers! 3 volumes available.

Spanking Sitters!
Another by-popular-naughty-demand FemDom
fanzine for firm babysitter fans this time!

Our very spanking-first fanzine & title to be retired

remains as thrilling & fulfilling as ever for M/F fans!!

Strictly WILL HENRY Styled
C.P. Case Histories!

A spanking special RETRO TRIBUTE to WILL HENRY, the
author of pulp novels catering just to spankers & capturing
the magic like none before him back in th
e dark old days.

Tan HER Hide Tales
of the Wild West!

TWO rip-roaring collections of all original, illustrated CP stories set in the ever popular American Wild West feature mostly MF erotica & some FF too since every red-blooded cowboy likes a little cowgirl-cowgirl action!

A rich & luscious He-spanks-She adventure
set in historic New Orleans by Desiree LeMoyne!

Our cheekiest & positively most penetrating FemDom
fanzine focuses on enemas, dildos & anal D/s.

The last TWO, timelessly thrilling & instantly collectible
editions of our own naughty Barb's first Femsub fanzine!

Our third single preference fanzine features erotica
just by & for members of the fairer, often fiercer sex...
And their legions of drooling male fans!

Women In Uniform!
Our fanzine just by & for fans of stern, spank-minded
females in positions of added uniformed authority!
2 volumes available.

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