an identifying outfit or style of dress worn
by the members of a given profession
organization or rank.

That said, & with so many professions, ranks, organizations, looks & costumes to capture any one of them available these marvelously open & empowered modern days, please do open your mind, set those silly old inhibitions behind & accept
our very spanking warmest




When it comes to determined disciplinarians, you just can't beat (pun intended) a sexy, Southern, female Deputy Sheriff performing the duty she loves best on the bare, formerly arrogant ass of a Yankee who sped into her...
Speed Trap Spanking Scam!

Or a dedicated nurse practitioner on a mission of mercy to help a patient & her painkiller stealing son both heal from their accidental & spanking-inflicted wounds in...
Visiting Country Nurse Supplies The C.P.

Or any of the other wickedly wise women spankers in positions of UNIFORMED power & AUTHORITY featured  in the other 3 similarly sexy, fun & original F/M & F/F themed short stories contained in this cheeky second collection:

The Flight Attendant, Her
Baby Cam, Hairbrush & Me!

Special Maid Service & More
On The Twelfth Floor!

No-Nonsense Lady Lifeguard!





That's FIVE fantastic original stories in all,
but that's hardly all of the HOT stuff
contained in the 51 packed pages in

this flaming FemDom publication!
Oh no, no, no!

This Fanzine ALSO FEATURES the best
women in uniform spanking photos, art & comics we
could find from around the web wide adult spanking world to enhance the stories & entertain you on their own! Last, but hardly least, this interactive fanzine also includes one click links to more naughty entertainment devoted to stern, spanking women in uniform you can savor separately.





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Women In Uniform 2

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Print-it-yourself-able too for anytime enjoyment the old fashioned way!


"I’ve endured my share of real spankings in my lifetime, & not a one was easy to take or forget. But the most memorable, the most excruciating, & most humiliating punishment I was ever forced to endure came at the hand of the most unlikely woman to ever tend to my bad behavior. In fact, as a result of her expert attention to my bare bottom & merciless determination to teach me a lesson I would never, ever forget, I still occasionally suffer an unbidden shudder of fear & flaming flash of painful, shameful & submissively sexy memory when I go out to the mailbox all these years after..."

And so begins,
"A Right-Proper Cancellation!", the most devilishly imaginative ditty in this outstanding collection of thematic tribute to wickedly wise spanking women with an added touch of authority thanks to the various uniforms they wear! In this creative & artfully illustrated case as always & at left, that's of a lady mail carrier who hauls a verbally abusive postal patron into her truck for a thoroughly entertaining (for us!) bottom blistering!

Of course, some of our writers chose more traditional uniformed favorites such as a nun, a cop, a judge & a military doctor who pulls rank to roast the rounded rump of a silly young sailor in dire need of firm, female guidance!

But there's also another more creative cutie about a rich family's maid who decides that her duties MUST include spanking her spoiled new mistress straight to proper behavior (see cover above) for the sake of her spineless husband, her own righteous satisfaction as well...

And yours too when you treat yourself to this fun & flaming, (mostly F/M, some F/F), FemDom spanking frolic from the Scarlett Hill family!

jam-packed pages!  6 sensational stories!

Justice Served!  Custom Maid!  Moving Violation!   Sailor's Shipwreck!  Fire & Brimstone!  A Right Proper Cancellation!

 And red-hot albeit gray-scale Illustrations, too!

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Women In Uniform 1

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