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Totally devoted to the real, raw, spread em & take it up the wazoo intimacy of what many muse... And those who've felt it KNOW!... to be the ultimate act of submission to a superior female, our tongue-in-cheekily named & spirited new digest is ALL ABOUT enemas, enemas & more enemas PLUS all sorts of other simply sensational forms of old-fashioned anal submission of the domestic kind such as reaming, finger fucking, butt plugs, rectal temps &, of course, some hot spanking too... This is Scarlett Hill, after all!

Featuring all of the thrilling facets of our other acclaimed testaments to good, old-fashioned, robustly ritualistic Female Domination & Domestic Discipline of the NEVER too old kind... 

Recollections, letters, stories, articles, artwork, vintage erotica, mainstream sightings, special features & more!







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