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The sizzling SECOND, expanded edition
of a fabulously fleshed out spanking fantasy-cum-true with SOME thrilling thing for every fan of good, old-fashioned domestic discipline of the caring but oh-so firm-handed FemDom kind...


Mother spanks daughter!
Mother spanks stepson!
Wife spanks husband!
Mother spanks boyfriend!
And that's not all!


What is a worried, small town widow to do when the private eye she hires tracks her tempting but troublesome teen run away down a sadly familiar path to a strip joint in the big city & tells her Kristine's now known as "Naughty Nanette" & the club's super successful, STAR attraction?

Lovely, 39 year-old Linda Parker wasn't sure when she went to get her girl until she walked in on one of her HIT performances & sees her all but naked baby girl shaking her pasties & g-string bare butt in the faces of a bunch of drooling, drunken perverts!

Outraged, Kristine's mother immediately sees RED, charges on stage like an outraged bull, & drags her defiant, streetwise little exhibitionist & champagne room slut of a teenaged daughter over her lap! Then, to the delight of the cheering mob & Kristine's utter humiliation, Linda makes her daughter's dimpled derriere really dance with the flat of her punishing palm until her stripper alter ego, "Naughty Nanette", runs kicking, sobbing & screaming away & leaves her blubbering, begging & swearing to be good baby girl behind!

Wiser & willing to do whatever it takes, Kristine's mom drags her now subdued daughter back home & makes sure she keeps her word, regardless of how often she has to stand her in a corner, wash the stripper language out of her mouth with soap, or spank her cute bare bottom until her big, bad girl's bawling & begging like the needy, naughty nymphet she really is!

Blessed with a new beau, Linda soon turns her attention to his troubled teenaged son & traps him into a spanking rebirth of his own with the approval of his doubtful dad & eager assistance of her sexy, savvy, reformed star stripper daughter, Naughty Kristine.

Flushed with another glowing C.P. success, Linda soon starts spreading her good, old-fashioned mothering magic with  her spanking-new husband, her daughter's hunky boyfriend, & assorted  other big bad girls & boys who cross her path  & display a need for a touch of her caring but oh-sooo firm-handed guidance! 

If you're into maternal domestic discipline & exquisitely crafted, fantasy-cum-true She-scold-strips-spanks erotica with ALL the timelessly thrilling, agelessly chilling, never too old to be fulfilling trimmings, then you've just got to enjoy this outstanding, arousingy illustrated, & all but brand-spanking-new  2nd edition of Kristine's C.P. Adventures!

Kristine's C.P. Adventures!
Second Edition!



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Kristine's C.P. Adventures!
Second Edition!

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