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THIS TIME in another by popular naughty demand FemDom fanzine devoted to all of the footloose & free to spank college kids & the many more NEVER too old to be naughty alumni out there around the more educated than ever web wide world!

You know who you are & we know what you crave to take you back to the treasured past, tickle your present, & brighten your outlook about the spanking-hot future of

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The good old-fashioned FemDom spanking spirit that began in the 1960's when women rallied for their rights to the higher education traditionally reserved for males is louder & prouder than ever with all the cute CP snaps posted on-line by enlightened, empowered & just plain kinky modern coeds willing to try spanking for the fun of it or... Yikes!... for red-cheeked real as some demand & you'll only read about in painstakingly passionate detail in this this sensational celebration of college CP capers past, present &, perhaps,  yet to be if you'd like!!

Proudly & spank-happily featurING 54 packed pages
of all original, lightly edited & embellished LETTERS, STORIES & FEATURES from the ever expanding SHE family PLUS art, pics, links, web finds & more from around the adult spanking world!



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