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Over Aunty's Knee!
Premier Issue!!

50 JAM-Packed Pages
of pure guilty pleasure & naughty satisfaction!

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Aunty's Old-Fashioned Spanking Erotica!

43 JAM-Packed Pages of timelessly
thrilling pleasure & guilty satisfaction
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spanking-new, safe, secure & state of the art
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Yipes & Yahooo naughty nephews & nieces,
It's TRUE!

Your eager support of our first Aunty only fanzine (see below) has allowed us to put together another bigger & better in full blushing color edition of erotic enter-tainment JUST by & for ALL of nicely naughty ADULTS out there with some forbidden fancy for the singularly shameful, sensational & potentially sinful thrills, chills, joys & benefits of... OH MY!... being stripped & soundly spanked by a parents' sister, in-law, close family friend, or other surrogate Aunty who earns the title of respect & endearment!

Proudly & spank-
50 packed pages
of all new & original
& lightly edited & embellished

from nephews, nieces AND proud Aunties among the rapidly expanding SHE family!

An unbelievable butt
TRUE NEVER too old
to living & loving the naughty nephew dream
for 26 years & running! OH MY!

TWO terrific flights of
from our family of fine writers!

lots of fun web finds, links & MORE!

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at the acclaimed aunty flicks from Scarlett Hill Studios that inspired our first fanzine just by & for big bad nephews & never too old to be naughty nieces & FULL FLICK CLIPS

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Right Now!
You know you want & deserve it & More!!


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