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Take a trip back to those rapidly fading good, old simpler, slower days some of us can
still fondly remember & everyone can enjoy again in this
tribute to a talented kindred spanking
spirit who rose to fame as the author of pulp novels catering just to spankers & capturing the
magic like none before him back in those dark days when porn producers lumped spanking
 in with BDSM & provided cheesy captioned pictures & paragraph sized stories for our
entertainment, when they bothered to offer anything at all.

Well, a lawyer from the suburbs of Chicago named Will Deer changed things for the
blushing better when he assumed the nom de plume WILL HENRY (among others) &
began his long & as illustrious as it could be back in his day career with books composed of
single stories or collections of letter like "case histories & studies" in the short, sweet &
sensational style he was best noted for as "America's foremost spanking author", which Will
was in his time & will be forever now that his legacy lives on here & elsewhere on-line.

If you haven't enjoyed Will's work before, you should. And, if you have, you should
enjoy it again & can right now in this superhot & fun retro read containing:

55 packed full-size pages! 32 total case histories!

Something for every FF, FM & MF taste!

FIVE pants-down popular retro categories:

Parents & Older Kids

Jim B., of Oregon, is 25 years old but still receives spankings from his mother. In this report, he explains how and why...

Tammy S., of Arizona, is a 49-year-old divorced mother to two children, a married and gone girl and a boy of 17 she still spanks and plans to keep turning over her knees for as long he lives under her roof. Here is her story...

Laura T. is a cute 18 year old in California who lives with her divorced mother and younger brother and makes it clear that spanking is far from a dead issue in her home...

Linda V. of Connecticut, now in her mid-40?s, is a veteran of spankings, having undergone them through most of the 1970s. Both parents took part in her disciplining during her early years. Then her father let her mother handle the discipline when the girl reached her teens, except for this one occasion...

Wives and Husbands

Jessica C., 34, of Nebraska, is the dominant partner in her marriage and does not hesitate to take 36-year-old husband Jerry over her knees, in private or in public. Donna W. is a friend, who witnessed one of those latter occurrences. Here is her report...

Ruby and Calvin W., who live on the East Coast, have been happily married for 28 years and both attribute the longevity of their blissful relationship to mutual spankings, decided upon weeks before their wedding to ward off harmful disputes. Here, Ruby tells of such incidents...


Caroline J., 54, who lives in Georgia, attended a private high school for girls and vividly recalls the discipline there...

Lorraine V. of Montana looks back on the lasting lessons she learned over the lap of a strict tutor her parents hired to help her get grades up before her high school graduation...


Karen G., 23, of Indiana has a unique relationship with roommate Ken J., 28. In the following report, both present their views.

Nineteen-year-old Rebecca K. and 23-year-old Victoria W. share quarters in a downtown Manhattan apartment, and there is no doubt who is in charge of this platonic relationship, as described by both of them here...

Keri D., 35, of South Dakota, tells an interesting story about her spanking relationship with another woman that began in the 1980?s and continues to this day...


Darren W. 23, works as file clerk for a successful and firm female attorney, Diane B., who puts up with no nonsense from her employees. Here, he candidly explains how and why he allows her to spank him...

Pamela W., 35, of Ohio also told of an office spanking story, recalling the three years she worked for a male boss, who believed that female employees should be spanked hard and often. That was more than 20 years ago and she smiles now as she recalls those days...

Trisha J., now a happily married Georgia housewife in her 50?s, learned the hard lesson that crime doesn?t pay while she was over the lap of a woman for whom she worked as a maid during the 1960?s. The following is her story....

AND, unlike Will's original work, ours is illustrated with
vintage SHE artwork for your viewing pleasure!



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