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Scarlett Hill family's little own,
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the nicely naughty & sternest sides of former Scarlett Hill friends, fans, staff,  spankingland stars & polished professional practitioners of the old-fashioned NEVER TOO OLD D/s ARTS strutting through
strictly spontaneous,
real raw-ASS reaction
sought & required:

Psychodramas! Role-plays! Home Videos!  Pro Sessions! Auditions! & More!




REAL spankings
 really DO hurt

at any & EVERY age &  sane, sensible, fully mature women & men really DO do revert to shamed & sorry kids when they're scolded, stripped & soundly spanked by a diehard devotee of THE most intimate act of D/s ever invented by man or, probably, womankind!

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including some of those pictured on this page.


IT WAS TRUE when we shot our spanking-first flicks way back in the very different video days of 1992, always was, & WILL BE true again if we get back into the video game as we've often been asked to do:

Scarlett Hill Studios'
real spanker/real raw reaction flicks

"Amateur efforts in the very best sense!"

The word amateur derives from the Latin, amare, which means to love. To be an amateur is to be involved with something you love, therefore, and it is clear from the git-go that all the people involved in these charming entrees to the SM video market LOVE what they’re about." Spectator Magazine (Sept 92), "The Sound of One Hand Slapping", review by  William A. Henkin, a licensed marriage/family therapist and board certified sex therapist who maintains a private practice in San Francisco.

Ready... Set...
Awww, shucks...

You're supposed to wait for me to yell action!


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