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fantasy-cum-true Adult CP flicks stuffed with ALL the thrilling, chilling, never
too old to be fulfilling traditional trimmings diehard domestic discipline fans
like those featured in ALL of our real spanker/spanking flicks favor!

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All in the popular .wmv format & savable as well as viewable. Enjoy & please DO treat yourself to ALL the very much more there is to see, hear & FEEL as you experience each & every full, flaming length scene via our spanking-new & very own downloadable CLIP STUDIO!

Ladies first, of course, & for you fans of strictly
Fem-scolds-strips-spanks-Fem Flicks...

Aunty's Old-Fashioned Medicine! - Part 2

Our MOST acclaimed She-spanks-She flick of all time features the magnificent Madame Maya & the naturally naughty Faith Batiste in a role she pleaded to "play" after seeing her wickedly experienced elder in action in Cheeky Coed's Comeuppance! ... And ended up begging & blubbering to stop many, many times before Aunty was through satisfying her naughty niece's needs!

Naughty Niece's Sound Spankings 2 - Part 2

An awesome maternalistic domestic discipline psychodrama featuring former FemDom publisher Desiree LeMoyne & SHE's own naughty Diane Parker in a delightfully delicious, much demanded sequel!

Lady Takes A Chance... & LOSES!
Part 1

REAL spanks & sparks fly when a haughty, naughty pro Dom, played by beautifully bratty Faith Batiste, is caught "handling" a customer for extra cash by the bigger, stronger & much bolder Madame of the house, played by renowned socialite, Lady Spanker & retired pro, Chantal Sauvage!

Next, for our many wickedly wise & enlightened
She-scolds-strips-Spanks-Him admirers...

Stern Stepsister Takes Charge! - Part 1

Sexy, strong, six-foot former SHE spankee star Diane Parker's then & STILL acclaimed She-spanks-the-shit-out-of-her-smaller-pain-in-the-ass-stepbrother whether he likes it or not dominant debut!

Stern Stepsister Takes Charge! - Act 2

Diane Parker's dominant debut continues in this even more stunningly shameful & painful second act of real, raw submission she forces her pervy little stepbrother through when she catches him masturbating in the bathroom they share!

Firm Female Boss!
Part 1

A popular She-scolds-strips-spanks-He fantasy cums real raw ass red true in this cute corporate CP caper featuring former NYC area D/s lifestyler, socialite, pro, NNL contributor & dear SHE friend,  Madame Maya, in all her wickedly wise FemDom glory!

Last, but hardly least, for our many old school
He-scolds-strips-spanks-She fanciers...

Tomboy Tease!
Part 2

A true classic considering the star, Jennifer Brooks, & the circumstances surrounding this sensational look at the then legend yet to be really letting her hair down & cavorting at her home in the Southern California hills!

Sassy Sis's Spankings!
Part 2

Real life stripper with a secret, alluring Alexis Taylor, lives out a naughty desire in her awesome, one & only appearance as a spankee! (And not because of the tearful trip she requested & got over her surrogate big bro's lap in this flaming flick, by the by!)

Starlet's Sobering Spankings!
Part 2

A spanking-hot fantasy-cum-true flick suggested by & starring sexy & sassy natural brat, Tasha, shining star of SHE's own Daughter's NEVER Too Old Discipline (coming here soon!) & several other spanking flicks from NuWest, Shadow Lane & several English producers!

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Full 720x480 resolution!            Lowest prices on-line!            Click here/above to check it out!



IT WAS TRUE when we shot our spanking-first flicks way back in the very different video days of 1992, always was, & WILL BE true again if we get back into the video game as we've often been asked to do:

Scarlett Hill Studios'
real spanker/real raw reaction flicks

"Amateur efforts in the very best sense!"

The word amateur derives from the Latin, amare, which means to love. To be an amateur is to be involved with something you love, therefore, and it is clear from the git-go that all the people involved in these charming entrees to the SM video market LOVE what they’re about." Spectator Magazine (Sept 92), "The Sound of One Hand Slapping", review by  William A. Henkin, a licensed marriage/family therapist and board certified sex therapist who maintains a private practice in San Francisco.

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