Our now humbly historic & hotter than ever fanzine for all She-spanks-He & more tastes!

Our now humbly historic & hotter than ever fanzine for all She-spanks-She & more tastes!

Our newly renamed fanzine for
all Male-spanks-Female & then some tastes!

Our by popular naughty demand fanzine just for spousal spanking lifestylers & fans!

Our by popular naughty demand fanzine just for once & some
lucky to still spanked sons!!

5 star rated "BEST EVER" Big Sis spanks
flick showcases sub star Diane Parker's
eager & awesome Dom debut!

Yes, that is a young Jennifer Brooks above
at home & realer than she ever was before
she became a huge star & went Dom.

5 star rated "BEST EVER" Aunty spanks
niece flick is a real fantasy-cum-true favor
from the magnificent Madame Maya to a fan!
Click covers above for more info about these sizzling SHEmags & pics below to peek at/download free, full minute preview clips of these once & still acclaimed "Amateur Classic" flicks shot back in our old SHE Studios days!



Now Historic Premier Covers
of our spanking-first, ground breaking FM included newsletter issue in 1990 above, & first by popular naughty demand spinoff JUST for all the neglected never too old to be naughty boys & gents lurking out there a year later, below.


Groundbreaking First AND Second Issues Available Again!
Special 2 early little newsletter sized editions
in 1 PDF edition!

We'd certainly be remiss if we didn't add an encouraging SPANKS TOO if you'd dare to drop your drawers in a manner of speaking with a comment, question, recollection, fantasy, doodle, cell phone photo, collectible treasure, or whatever piece of your spanking self you're comfy with sharing here on our safe & completely confidential site or in one of many naughty publications as we all hope you will.

After all, this IS a spanker owned, operated & supported enterprise that has survived since 1990 with the help of fans & friends much like you who took the risk of revealing themselves &, without exception, were very spank-happy that they finally did!  There really is just NOTHING like the rush of divulging your deepest, darkest secrets & desires with people who not only share your enthusiasm for our perpetually misunderstood fetish & understands what it's all about, butt (sic) wants, needs & loves to hear what you have to say about it.  It's downright exhilarating!

Of course, it's also thrilling, chilling & fulfilling to be on the vicarious end of a tall but true never too old tale or testimonial, so don't forget to check out our humbly historic & hotter than ever fanzines... Or old school magazine style blogs as some of our younger friends & fans like to call them now. They're packed with guilty pleasure &, usually, with "the best" all original albeit edited & lightly embellished letters since the old Mr. magazine & Penthouse Variations days.

Oh, & since you just have to SEE IT to really believe & appreciate it sometimes, you should take a peek at the "Amateur Classic" flicks we shot back in our SHE Studios days & are still winning acclaim today here on our site & on the public video sites on which we've posted the same full minute or more previews you can watch or download for whenever you're in the naughty mood.

How much fun you have is ALL up to you as it should be. However, we hope you'll choose to take advantage of "These Good Old-Fashioned Days!" within your personal limits & with some of our fanzines & flicks to fulfill your foolishly forbidden fancies. You'll be glad you did & so will we! This is a self-supported labor of love, after all!

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Warmest possible regards! - Michael & Barbara, your old-fashioned hosts



Still Historic

Current Cover
of our now HOTTER than ever fanzine for all She-spanks-He admirers of various tastes & preferences above & our equally historic homage to the glories of strictly Woman-to-Woman Spanking below.


New Name, Same Spanking-HOT Fun
For M/F Fans!

Special Discipline Only edition features photo filled article about the emergence of the Christian Domestic Discipline (CDD) movement across America!

We're Now On Twitter... Really!
Yes, it's unbelievable but true, too! We've shied away from social media because of how strange & scary it struck us old boomers. But, at the urging of our younger supporters & with their invaluable help, we have taken the plunge & have to admit being glad that we did! There are a lot of spankers out there & interacting with them has been a ton of fun!



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