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to explain what to expect from here to spare us all the confusion & frustration we can.  Believe it or don't, the system is actually logical & fairly easy to follow once you understand the nature of downloadable product technology & THE TWO STEPS it takes to make it all work.  Those steps can be best explained in brief as:

STEP 1)  LOGGING INTO THE SHE ACCOUNT CCBill will have created for you upon approval of your purchase with the username & password you were required  to pick & enter on the CCBill form  in the "Site Details" section.  As you'll see, you'll need the e-mail address you used there as well,  so be careful if you have more than one.

Once you've entered all the required info, hit the "Download Now" button to proceed IF you are familiar with the fairly easy standard Windows protocol for downloading/SAVING files to your computer. If not or you're not sure, we suggest clicking on the big red READ ME FIRST link at the bottom of the form before going to get your goodies.

STEP 2MANUALLY DOWNLOADING/SAVING EACH of your picks individually as we have to ask you to do from the download item list that will appear after you've successfully logged in to your SHE account. (See example below)

Hopefully, your list will be as long or longer. And, thankfully, downloads don't take long these high-speed days. Flicks do take longer due to their larger file size, but not so much as to make you mind. Or too eager to forget to SAVE (not open) each of your goodies individually to your computer as the download technology of the day demands you do.

Please note that the download list window will NOT close when you've finished downloading your naughty treats, so it's up to you to keep track & exit when you've confirmed that all of your downloads are in the directory you want them to be. We'd also suggest opening them up & trying them out as soon as you can, although download errors are rare & you can always contact us to get a free replacement.

That's it.  Two steps & not too hard in the end (pun intended!) And explained in more detail below for you if need be. If so, please read on. If you've got it, then please accept our heartfelt gratitude for your much needed support!  - Barb, Michael & the SHE crew

PS: Please use this email link, the one below or any of the many on our site to LET US KNOW if you have any problems, not CCBill  They just send us a note to help you anyway & add to your wasted time & frustrations. Odds are, you messed up on your username &/or password IF YOU CAN'T LOG IN.

Drop us a line & we'll let you if that's your problem & do whatever it takes to fix whatever other problem you might be experiencing as quickly & pleasantly as we possibly can & until you are totally satisfied as all of our beloved friends, fans & patrons have been for 28+ years now & we insist they always be in the end. (pun intended again)

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