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Most Frequently Asked Question:  What are/where do I get the username and password CCBill requires at the bottom of their form?  Click here for answer


New Ordering System Info

THANKS for thinking about purchasing something thrilling from our site & SPANKS too if you decide to follow through as we sure hope you do after reading this & realizing how safe, secure & easy our new state of the art digital sales & download delivery system actually is.

The first thing you need to know is that our system & most on-line store need to use two things to make it work.  The first is shopping cart software to handle your order, & the second is a payment gateway or credit card processor to approve the transaction.

After a lot of research, we chose a simply elegant shopping cart from Phantomcart & CCBill as our payment gateway for credit card purchases.  That said, the first one you'll be using/seeing is our shopping cart software, which will generate a window each time you press the "add to cart" button to confirm that your selection has indeed been added to the cart.

The window will look like this, but with the item you chose & price in place of the NNL 59 test product we used.

You can go back to shopping by closing this window by clicking on the "X" that should appear at the top, right or by clicking on the "continue shopping" link provided.  A confirmation window will appear for each item you add to your cart & the same procedure should be used to close the confirmation window until you are done & ready to "check out".

To do this, please click on the "view cart" text link that appears under each "add to cart" button on the site.  The following window will appear, but with your selections listed, of course.

Look over the list & make any necessary changes using the "remove" item & "continue shopping" links on the form above.  When you are finished, click on "checkout".  The window above will disappear, the cart program will send you to our payment gateway, & the CCBill form below will appear.

As you'll see and no doubt agree, the required "Payment Options" fields that begin on the top of the form are fairly standard and self-explanatory:

Unfortunately, there has been some confusion over the required fields in the "Site Details" section at the bottom of the form.  It seems some old CCBill customers are used to having usernames and passwords assigned to them as CCBill did in the past and still does are far as we know for membership sites.


However, we are not such a site, so please note that these are fields for you to fill in with whatever Username & password you choose within the size & character limitations CCBill insists on.  You can use familiar things if they fit or make up something spanking-new.  It's entirely up to you & you'll only have to remember them long enough to get your downloads in the next step, although we recommend keeping them in mind in case you need to download something you purchased again.

If so, you can do so anytime by clicking on the "CCBill Login" text links at the top/bottom right of most pages on the Scarlett Hill site & entering your email address & the username & password you chose & will use again in the same form in the next step.

After you've completed the form above & your payment has been approved, CCBill shoots you back to us and our shopping cart and the window below will appear.

Enter the info you just used/created on the CCBill form & click "Download Now" if you know how & where to save your spanking-new SHE stuff on your computer.  If not, here's the quick tutorial you'll see better if you click on the big, red "Read Me First" text link on the window above.

Please note that this procedure is not limited to videos as the text above might lead you to wonder.  Use of the term, "video", in phantomcart just harkens back to its origins and the procedures for downloading fanzines is the same as flicks, although download times may be dramatically different due to file types and sizes.

When you're ready and click the "Download Now" button, the window below will appear, however with a list of the products you've picked & need to download.

Do as the window says & don't worry about it being for videos only if you're getting fanzines as well as flicks. The download procedures are the same, although times will be drastically different due to file types and sizes.  In either case, the standard Windows open/save window below will appear.

You want to SAVE the file to your computer so you access and enjoy it anytime you're in the naughty mood.  To do so, click the circle next to "Save File" & the "OK" button below it. 

This Windows window will appear, & then it's up to you to pick a directory to save the fanzine or flick into or make a new directory for SHE, for example.

Either way, hit the "save" button when you're ready & the computers will take over. Your guaranteed virus and ad or malware free item will download from our server to your computer and you'll be ready to repeat the procedure when this window reappears if you have more than item to download as we hope you will!

Please note that the window will not close when you've finished downloading your naughty treats, so it's up to you to keep track & exit when you've confirmed that all of your downloads are in the directory you want them to be with Windows Explorer or other appropriate program.  We'd also suggest opening them up and trying them out as soon as you can, although download errors are rare & you can always log in to your account and get another download as described above.

Well, we think that should do it and thank you again for considering our spanking-hot fanzines and flicks.  However, please note that we're always here and happy to answer any additional or other questions you may have about us, our products, our new ordering system, or the foolishly forbidden fancies for spanking we share and celebrate every day through Scarlett Hill!




Please do note that ALL material on this site & contained in our fanzines & flicks is the internationally copyright protected property of us old-fashioned spankers at Scarlett Hill Entertainment &/or the original creators as noted & thus may not be reposted, republished or reused in any form without our express written consent.  And, of course, ALL models contained herein are consenting adults over the age of 18 years as we always demand they be & all materials are in full compliance with 18 U.S.C. ยง 2257 pertaining to the publication of photography & film in an electronic media as we have always insisted it be on our own as responsible adults.