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"It Happened Last Night"

Earl Wilson's hugely popular & nationally syndicated gossip column, & his unbelievable by today's standards installment of October 3, 1955, entitled:

I Spanked Corinne Calvet!

One of MANY great, graphic rich articles celebrating the short but sweet, & sadly for our Fem-Male fans, sexist history of adult spanking entertainment as depicted in mainstream movies, television, stage, books, comics, newspapers, advertisements & more featured in our spanking-hot instant collectible:
Sensational Mainstream

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Anything for journalism - I always say. Over my knees, I belted her with my bare hand. She let out a lot of noise as she lay there, face-down.

"My powerful blows must have stung," I said, firmly and wickedly.

"No, Your knees are bony and I'm ticklish," she giggled.

This remarkable spanking demonstration was undertaken because Corinne'd been telling me she married actor John Bromfield because of his tendency to be a "gentle brute."

"Women need a good spanking from time to time," she'd contended. "I'm a difficult person to live with and I don't know how he does it.

"Johnny has spanked me a few times. He's always masterful in his spanking and I behave better after."

I was surprised that she admitted it--and seemed to like it--for my experience at spanking wives has been highly unsatisfactory... Miss Calvet said she would show me how to spank my wife effectively and I told her to go ahead.

We were in the suite shared by Corinne and her husband. He was out at a football game.

"When your wife starts to yell, you don't want the neighbors to hear, do you?" she asked.

"Naturally not."

"Than you should be kissing her while you're spanking her, and that will keep her from yelling. Here do you want me to show you how to kiss her?"

"I...uh...don't think we need to go that far," I stammered.

"Oh you're the shy type," said Miss Calvet.

But the French bon-bon then returned to the principles of successful wife spanking.

"When John spanks me," she related, "he comes over and picks me up. That's the correct way. Try and fight when somebody picks you up and gets your feet off the ground. You can't do it. Then I feel how strong he is and I give up."

Corinne said she's had long experience at being spanked.

In Paris, at 14, she decided to get "revenge" on all men because her first boy friend had told her, "Don't take it too seriously," and said good-bye.

She went around breaking hearts. One night invited to a bridge game, she came into a room filled with seven of her beaux who were angry at her for leading each one of them on.

Original, obviously posed but nonetheless cute & curve showing pic of Earl with the French bombshell where she obviously loved to be that appeared with this column.

Corrine's admittedly much admired firm-handed man, actor John Bromfield, here with Esther Williams in the film, Easy to Love.

A better pic of Corrine Calvet posing for what must have been a come hither studio publicity still.

"One of them grabbed me and spanked me, and the others followed. I was riding a bicycle in those days. Believe me, for the next week, I wouldn't sit down on the bicycle, I would stand on the pedals."

Her husband was next to paddle her.

Miss Calvet is quite frank in saying that she trapped him - "Do you think any man ever gets married without a woman who traps him?" After, she found out he was a type she couldn't fool.

When she finished the lecture, Miss Calvet said I could come up and spank her any time.

"Spank me in person, but not in your column."

* * * * *

My, how times have changed!  And, not necessarily for the better!  Imagine the outraged reaction today if a woman sat down... I'm almost surprised Ms. Calvet, a "B list" actress, could from old Earl's swaggering tone and what she gleefully describes getting at home!  She must NOT have been naughty around hubby for a few days!!... for a syndicated, national columnist and dared to confess to such a rich spanking past & spousal spanking present? And then to pose for photo over Earl's lap & invite him up to "spank her anytime?" My, my, my... Those WERE the good, old-fashioned days!!  Now where is that time machine? - EB

Sensational Mainstream Spankabilia cover!

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