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Another Lucky Man Recalls The Sassy Miss Who Woed
& Won Him Over Into Regular,
Rosy-Cheeked Bliss...

Yogurt Shop Spanking!

Dear Barbara... My name is Alex. I’m 27 and live in Palm Desert, California. I’ve been interested in spanking since I was 12 but, with the exception of a few magazines, I knew of no outlet for my fantasies. I was too shy to try to incorporate spanking into any of my relationships with women. Consequently, these relationships failed because I always ended up unsatisfied. They couldn’t please me and I couldn’t explain why.

Then, two years ago, something wonderful happened. I had a job at a frozen yogurt store in San Diego. I was often playfully teased by one of my co-workers, Michelle, a 19 year-old brunette with a cute little figure. She liked to jump on my back and mess up my hair. I’d joked many times about putting her over my knee, but I was only bluffing. One evening we were closing the store and Michelle was hurrying because she was going out with some friends later. In her haste, she spilled a large tub of strawberry yogurt all over the floor.

"Damn!" She said. "This is going to take forever to clean up!" Meanwhile, her friends had driven up outside and were honking the horn.

"Alex, can you clean this up? If I don’t go now, they’re going to leave without me!"

I nodded and grabbed a mop. As she left, she kissed me on the cheek and whispered into my ear. "You can give me a spanking tomorrow."

I blushed just thinking about it. Thoughts of slapping those cute little cheeks filled my head as I finished up closing the store, but by the time I got home and went to bed, I’d more or less forgotten about it.

The next morning when I showed up for work, I found Michelle waiting for me at the front door of the store. I let her in, but told her that she wasn't scheduled for the morning shift.

"I know," she said, "but we have some unfinished business and I’d like to get to it as soon as possible."

Michelle walked to the back of the store and I followed. She took a chair from behind the work desk and placed it in the center of the room.

"Why don’t you sit down right here?" She said.

I followed her lead. She unbuttoned her blue jeans and wriggled her hips as she pushed them down to her knees. She pulled up her work shirt to reveal a powder blue pair of panties that looked more like a bikini bottom. She then laid herself across my lap, her fingers and toes just grazing the floor, her lovely little ass arched up in anticipation.

"This is going to hurt me more than it does you." I said, melodramatically.

Bumping her hip against the hardening bulge in my pants, Michelle laughed lightly and said, "Yeah, I can feel your pain."

I laid my left hand firmly on the small of her back and slowly lifted my right. I started to spank her rather slowly at first but with gaining speed. One cheek and then the other, then both, then just the right one for a while until it glowed hot pink and then I’d switch back to the left.

At first, Michelle only let out little yelps and sighs, between the swats, but after a few minutes, she was kicking and gasping. Soon my hand was a blur of motion. I felt like an artist, splashing shades of red and pink onto a perfectly rounded canvas.

I continued to swat away until her kicking became frenzied and her poor little bottom was entirely scarlet. Then I helped her to her feet and took her, by the ear, to a corner of the room. There was a full-length mirror on the door to the bathroom nearby. Michelle looked over her shoulder at her reflection.

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"My butt's going to glow in the dark tonight!" She said, rubbing her sizzling cheeks with both hands.

With my hand on the back of her head, I gently guided her nose snugly into the corner. She jolted a bit as I yanked her panties down to her thighs.

"You stand right here until I get back, young lady!"

I spent about fifteen minutes getting the store ready to open. Then I went to the freezer and got a bucket of coconut cream yogurt and placed it next to the chair. I took a flat wooden spoon from the sink and sat down gazing at Michelle standing so obediently in the corner, her hands at her side and her pants and panties pulled down to expose a freshly shellacked back porch.

"Come over here!" I said sternly.

She quickly spun around shuffled over to my side.

"Now bend over." Seeing the large wooden spoon in my hand caused her to whimper and shake a little, but she soon bent herself over my lap offering up her quivering red cheeks for more punishment.

I leaned down and opened the bucket of yogurt and stuck the spoon in deep, bringing up a nice big scoop of frozen coconut cream and lifted it just above her ass.

"Are you ready?" I asked. Michelle nodded ‘yes’ and tensed up in anticipation of a severe paddling, but she relaxed completely as I smoothly spread the cold white yogurt across her crimson buttocks. Gasping with relief as I slathered on another scoop of the creamy substance which seemed to melt instantly. It dripped into the crack of her ass and down her smooth thighs. She cooed as I leaned down and licked a swath through the beautiful white icing.

I won’t go into anymore detail about this, suffice it to say that the store got opened very late that day.

Michelle and I worked together for several months after that and I must have spanked her a hundred times.

One day at work, I suggested we put a flap on the back of her blue jeans for easy access.

"No way!" She said. "Getting my pants pulled down is one of my favorite parts of the whole thing!"

Then she looked up and noticed that the flavor of the day was coconut cream. "Uh oh!" She said, smiling at me. "Looks like I’m going to take my dinner break standing up!"

Since then, Michelle moved to Santa Monica and I moved here to Palm Desert. Something tells me she's found a guy to replace me wherever she is, but I’m still looking for a special young woman who likes to have her pants pulled down now and then.

If you happen to read this Michelle, thanks for the wonderful memories. And please do look me up if you visit Palm Desert! -- Alex, CA

* * * * *

Thanks for the hot and cold recollection, Alex!   I don't think I'll ever think of frozen yogurt in quite the same way again! You seem to be pretty inventive and know exactly how to make a naughty bottom hot, then cool it off with a few extras included! I don't know if Michelle is one of my readers or not, but if she is, I'm sure she remembers you too... And not only when she passes a frozen yogurt stand or display at the supermarket!

Ladies and Gents, if you think I picked these 2 sensationally similar letters to illustrate the fact that good spanking connections can and do still happen at work, you're right! Societal standards and perceptions regarding on the job interaction between males and females have changed an awful lot since I last tried to entice a coworker into spanking me, but as these 2 ladies after my own heart prove, taking the lead with a man with a clue can still lead to spanking fun and more! - Barb

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