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Summer Frolic Leads to a Spontaneous Spanking
& we suspect, she!... Will Never Forget!

Beach Blanket Blushes!

Dear SSS... I'm not a good writer but your mention of summer spankings brought back a great memory I'd like to share. I hope you'll decide to use it.

I was 18 in the summer of '73 & about to head for college in September. My friends & I had formed a really tight circle through high school & all of us would be going our separate ways at summer's end.   There were 8 of us in total, 4 guys & 4 girls, & we were all a little sad about it, so we all decided that we'd make our last summer together as "kids" the best ever.

All of us were Jersey shore fanatics, but that summer we made a concentrated effort to be there all the time & be together as much as possible.  We were staying at my parents' summer house on this occasion, & were on the beach as usual. We weren't crazed partiers, but the drinking age had just been lowered to 18 & we did like to hang out at the shore bars we could now get into & whoop it up.

I'd overdone it a little the night before & was happy laying there on a blanket, letting the sun sweat out some of the residual poisons of the hops & barley I'd consumed.  I was in that nice half asleep, very relaxed state when Patti, a girl friend in every sense of the word got bored & decided to look for other diversions. I guess I looked too peaceful or something & attracted her mischievous attention.

My friends & I all kind of dated each other as well as others throughout our high school years, but Patti & me had been particularly tight since we started dating about the time virginities started falling & were each others "firsts".  That, & the fact that we got along great kept us together longer than any of our other relationships.  But we were too young to think about or want forever, & had amicably moved on about a year before.

Well, I didn't know Patti was standing over me until her shadow blocked the sun. I waited for a second, thinking at first that it was a cloud, but when the shade didn't disappear, I opened my eyes & saw a devilishly smiling Patti standing there with a sneaker in her hand.

Patti was one of our more playful ladies, & I wasn't so out of it that I didn't realize her having a sneaker poised over me was unusual. I told her that whatever she had in mind, she'd better think again. She smiled & told me there was some nice cold ocean water in the shoe & she thought it would help cool me off. We bantered for a bit with the conclusion being that I threatened to give her a spanking if she dumped the water on me.

Patti had been over my knee for playful spankings before, as had all of the girls in our group & a few others, too.  I'd gotten turned on to spanking through movies & TV.  My favorite, appropriately enough as it would turn out, was the beach spanking scene with Elvis in Blue Hawaii.  And, fortunately, back then, most girls found playful spankings fun & sexy, too.

Anyway, I knew Patty liked it when I playfully warmed her bottom, so I wasn't all that amazed when her smile got wider & she upended the sneaker, dumping a small amount of ocean on me & the blanket.  She turned & ran, squealing gleefully, while I gasped, growled & got up.

I was a lot faster than Patti, so it was only a 20 or so yard chase. She gave me the cutest naughty girl caught, suddenly angelic act.  But I knew she was as up for the spanking she had coming as much as me by the twinkle in her eyes & her lack of real resistance as I pulled her over toward the jetty & a big rock to sit on.

I scolded Patti & promised a spank burn worse than any burn the sun had ever given her, of course.  But my threats were as much for show as Patti's meager resistance & the giggles she couldn't contain while she tried to play the part of the terrified culprit.

Our friends had seen part of the show & moved in closer to watch the rest. I told them all what Patti had done despite my warning, & that now the little minx was going to get the spanking I promised. All the guys took my side, naturally, encouraging me to great spanking heights while the gals all took Patti's side & called me a brute & so on.

Everyone was pretty much into the play, including Patti & me. She fake fought to keep me from pulling her over my knees, & tried to sound scared & offended while giggling & wriggling against my crotch in a decidedly provocative way.  Her efforts were not in vain & she had to feel the successful effects of her teasing. But she didn't let up or on & neither did I as I scolded her & soaked up the sight of her gorgeous, bikini clad bottom & the sensational feel of her gyrations across my lap.

I could & would have just held Patti over my lap & basked in the warmth of the sun & sexy glow she was generating inside me for the rest of the day.  It was a slice of heaven & felt that good.  But our friends were impatient for me to spank Patti, & she was urging me to "go on & get it over with" as well.

"Okay, you asked for this," I said & gave her rounded, bikini clad buns a light whack. The guys all hooted & the gals squealed in mock horror. I hadn't had the privilege of fondling Patti's fine fanny for a while, so I cupped my palm around the bun I'd smacked & gave it a squeeze.

Patti let out a theatrical howling protest at the spank, threatening to get even with me & all that.  But she pressed her bottom into my hand as if to encourage me, so I started landing slaps to each side of her bikini bottoms, savoring a squeeze of her firm, curved cheeks with each while everyone watched & played their parts in our beach bunny spanking drama.

The guys hooted & the girls squealed & protested with each of the approximately 20 light spanks I landed. Patti played the suffering spankee at first, but then she started acting bored. Her legs stopped kicking & she just lay across my knees, looking at her nails & telling me to let her know when I was finished so she could get a bucket & pour more water on me.

Patti wanted to stir me & our crowd up, & she did.  The guys all hooted for me to really "give it to her" & there was a tittering of encouragement from the girls as well. Patti told them all to mind their own business & go jump in the surf, but she wriggled her bottom against my palm & laughingly joined in when a few slurs were tossed toward my manliness & spanking abilities, so I & everyone else knew that she was having fun & not ready for her spanking to end.

Like I said, I loved the feel of Patti wriggling over my lap & wanted to keep feeling it all day.  I also had developed a potentially embarrassing pole in my swim trunks that I wasn't anxious to show off.  So, I joined in the banter between my friends & kept things warm on the spanking front with occasional pats to Patti's rounded rump & various threats that popped into my head.

One of them was to take Patti's bikinis down & give her bare ass the spanking it deserved, which was exactly what I wanted to do since I'd first bent her over my knees. I'd had the pleasure of warming Patti's bare bottom before when we were dating & was all for going for it again.  But I thought doing so now & in public was over the line & didn't really mean it when it popped out of my mouth.  It was just part of the game & seemed like the right thing to say at the time.

And, luckily for me & Patti, it was!

Our guy friends all loved the idea & hooted for me to do it as you'd expect.  But it was reaction of the girls that surprised the both of us.  Although they all squealed in mock horror, every one had the same eager, hopeful expression in their wide eyes as the guys. 

Linda, a girl I'd dated & playfully spanked several times, wet her lips &, I swear, had a glint of arousal in her eyes. I felt sure she wanted to trade places with Patti & wouldn't have put up the fuss the girl over my lap started to as soon as Jim made his suggestion to bare her sweet seat.  

Patti's protests & threats to castrate me if I dared bare her in front of everyone were real. I remember thinking something like, "that's more like it", & deciding right then that the sun was going to shine on her naughty bare bottom while I had the pleasure of turning it red.

Naturally, Patti had other thoughts & one was to get away before I could strip down her bikini bottoms, if I dared.  She tried to roll off my lap

I made an elaborate show of slowly peeling down the bikini bottoms. Patti helped by first kicking her legs so fast they blurred, trying to grab the waistband to stop me, & then trying to cover her bare cheeks & protect her modesty when her bottom was bare. I didn't pull the bottoms down far enough to expose Patti's pussy, not wanting to really humiliate her, but the comments from the assembled masses were enough to make the poor girl moan in shame.

The glory of Patti's beautiful backside in the light of day was awesome. I hungrily feasted my eyes & saw that all the guys did too. They were hooting encouragement as Patti's bottom was being bared, but I noticed the volume decrease with each inch of bare skin unveiled. The girls squeals similarly seemed to quiet as Patti's bunny tail-- the milky white skin against the dark tan-- acted like a magnet that drew everyone's full attention. Of all the girls in our group, Patti had always been the winner of the best ass award!

I could feel everyone's eyes follow my hand when I lifted it from Patti's silky smooth curves, then follow it downward to see her springy seat wobble with the increased impact I employed. Patti's yipe was real this time, & everyone but she & I laughed. 

although she didn't move her legs a notch then or for the rest of the spanking. She had pressed her legs as tightly together as she could when I'd bared her bottom & she kept them that way throughout the twenty spanks or so I landed.

None of the spanks were particularly hard, but Patti's bottom was a cute hot pink by the time I stopped & asked her if she'd learned her lesson. She quietly answered yes & yes again when I asked if she'd expect similar treatment the next time she pulled a prank.

I pulled up her bikinis & then made a point of looking into each girls eyes while promising similar treatment for any of them. I was sure I saw desire, not fear, in each of their looks & proved it later when Linda teased her way over my knee for much the same offense Patti had committed.

Patti & I went back to the beach that night & talked.   then we made love more furiously than we ever had until the sun rose. She wouldn't admit it, but I knew she'd gotten as turned on by the spanking as me.  , & for the rest of that summer, we were a couple again. And a couple who embraced, practiced & joked about spanking being a part of our relationship with our friends.

It was amazing. 

Alas, Patti went away to college & so did I. We're both married now, long distance friends, & once in a while we joke about the summer of '73. It was the best summer of my life & Patti has fond memories of it, too.  , although she's either too embarrassed or excited about the spanking to want to talk about it as much as me.

I hope you'll keep up the good work & keep supplying Strictly Speaking Spanking for me & all the Patti's & Linda's out here!

Yours Truly, Mr. D.A.

* * * * *

Will do, friend! And I wouldn't be at all surprised if Ahhhh, teenaged fun in the sun!!  Thanks for the great letter, friend, & thanks too for kicking up some sweet memories of my own days & youthful adventures at the Jersey shore. 

Your letter Thanks for kicking up some sweet memories of my own days at The Jersey Shore ed up It's easy to see why your Summer memory has remained a favorite for so long, Mr. D.A. Thanks for telling us about it! I'd say your experience with Patti & Linda too proves what I found out a long time ago & have been preaching & practicing since... Many Ladies are receptive to old-fashioned minded men when their introductory spankings are administered with a romantic, gentle touch that caused as much curiosity as contrition! Good job, sir!! - Michael

Fiction is fine, letters are dandy, & photos & art are eye candy.  Butt, sometimes, you've just gotta see it to believe it... And really appreciate it!!!

Grown WOMEN AND men DO blush, beg, sniffle &, sometimes, bawl like bad little kids when they're scolded, stripped & oh-sooo SOUNDLY SPANKED by a diehard devotee of THE single-most sensational acts of D/s ever invented by man or woman kind!

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I stood up, grasped her left wrist in my right hand, dragged her over to a hay bale, sat down on it and pulled her, face down and bottom up, over my lap. I paused for a moment and then knew that the stars had ordained this event; there on the floor, next to the hay bale, was a wooden slat that was the perfect size and shape for soundly warming the seat of a misbehaving young lady.

I grasped the slat in my right hand and, holding her wrists in my left hand, proceeded to get to the bottom of the problem.

The first smack that fell upon the tightly stretched seat of her faded blue jeans caused three things to happen: a small cloud of dust rose from her seat, her behind lunged and twisted as the smart of the smack penetrated the material of her jeans and panties and she gave a soul-satisfying howl of pain.

As I used the slat to soundly dust the seat of her britches she continued to twist, wriggle and move about on my lap, trying to escape the relentless sting of the wood meeting denim. I used the slat on her jeans for 25 smacks or so and then paused for a moment.

Her face was flushed, her hair in disarray and her voice weak from all the pleas for mercy and cries for help that she had been uttering throughout the first part of this session. I, however, was far from finished and had decided that this was an excellent time to reacquaint her with the virtues of good behavior and obedience.

I put the slat down next to me and, reaching around to the front of her jeans, unsnapped the waist and unzipped the zipper. I then proceeded, despite her protests, to drag them down to a position just above "half mast". This left her with only a pair of white nylon panties for protection.

As I reached for the slat with my right hand I admired the view and the progress attained thus far.

The panties were tight and brief so they did little to conceal the charms they contained. Her behind was dark pink, reflecting the effect of the spanks delivered over her jeans. There was the slightest hint of her feminine charms showing through the material and I could swear that there was also a hint of moisture there as well.

I commenced the paddling again and immediately noticed a marked change in the sound of the wood on her behind and her reaction to it. The sounds of the smacks rang through the barn and her pleas for mercy continued at an even higher pitch. Her attempts to free herself from my grasp and wriggle off of my lap intensified and I had my hands full. I continued to spank her and didn’t try to use any set pattern. I simply smacked the first spot that became available and didn’t neglect the tops of her thighs.

I continued this phase of the spanking for another 25 or so smacks and then, after putting the slat down next to me, paused again.

Her pantied, soon-to-be-bared, bottom, was bright red and clearly reflected the minimal protection that her panties offered. She looked like three miles of bad road, her hair totally messed up, face stained with tears and voice hoarse from crying and begging for me to quit.

I then proceeded to the third stage of the spanking. I grasped the waistband of her panties with my right hand and slowly pulled them down to a position in the middle of her thighs. As I pulled them down I could feel the heat radiating from her blistered fanny and truly enjoyed the sight of her cute bottom as it was revealed to my eager eyes.

I ran my hand up the inside of her thighs as I returned to her waist and lightly caressed her. She squirmed and moaned and thrust her behind against my fingers.

I picked up the slat and commenced again. The final 25 smacks covered her entire bottom and upper thighs. She continued to twist and turn, desperately trying to escape the spanks and promising to behave, now and forever more.

I set the slat down for the last time and released her wrists. She climbed painfully from my lap, disregarded the fact that her jeans and panties were still around her knees and thighs, and proceeded to rub her bottom with both hands while jumping around the floor.

I, needless to say, thoroughly enjoyed this part of the spanking and finally brought it to a halt by sitting her on my lap and comforting her. It ended with us making passionate love, she bent over the hay bale and me behind her.

The only down side to the entire afternoon was that we had to walk the horses back to the house. For some reason, she couldn’t "bare" to sit on her horse...  Rhett, Atlanta, Georgia

* * * * *

Rhett? Atlanta? A gentle ride ending up with a Southern belle getting her deserving derriere dusted? Oh my!   Thanks for the fantastic letter, "Rhett."  As I suspect you intended, this "Gone With The Wind" fan couldn't stop images of Clark Gable giving Vivian Leigh the spanking she so richly deserved from flashing through her head as she read your fantastic letter. Thanks again! - Barb

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