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More Sweet Spanking Memories of a Special Lady
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Sweet Spankable Nora!

My first experience as a spanking dominant didn’t materialize until a decade ago, when I was in my early 30’s. I was single at the time, between primary relationships, & she was a married woman looking for weekly adventure.

I was as careful as always (I hate any kind of behind-the-back subterfuge) to make sure her husband was in knowing agreement (he was free to have his own adventures), & we began a once-a-week affair that lasted a year & a half.

Nora is a lovely, slender, gracefully passionate woman — long brown hair & a perfectly round, precious bottom. When we were just flirting, she would find excuses for bending over, in front of me. It worked!

When I finally got her alone, I bent her over my bed, & she was pleased to learn my sexuality is naturally aggressive, dominant & focused on the woman’s orgasms. But she was also more experienced than I in certain sensual areas, & she opened my eyes to an entire New World — the World of Spanking.

The more aroused Nora became, the more submissive was her surrender, & for the first time in my life my own Dominance was able to flower in an atmosphere of passion & freedom. In the first weeks, I noted the way her excitement increased when I would hold her down as I ravished her squirming body, so soon I was tying her hands together to the head of the bed. She loved it & responded with a new burst of passion, as I savored her helpless abandon.

It was from that place that she whispered to me that time, as she pulled on her bound wrists, "Please, please let me go, please, I’ll be good..., nice to you, please..." But this was the first time she added, "Oh, James, you know I’ll be good to you, but...sometimes I might need...oh, I don’t know how to say it!"

I was standing beside the bed where she lay, removing my sweatshirt — baring me to the waist. "Tell me what it is you’re stammering about. You might need ... what?"

Nora only made a whining sound at first, as she succeeded in rolling over, from on her back to on her tummy, even though her wrists were still tied to the headboard. She managed to look over her shoulder at me with moist, fawn-like eyes. She twitched her beautiful bottom cheeks & lifted them slightly.

"Sometimes when I’m this submissive," she confessed, her raspy words only a moan greater than a whisper, "I might need a little...spanking, not too hard, just a little spanking — might remind me to be...really, really good." She wiggled her bum in regular pulsations. "Sometimes... maybe... not too hard..."

That was more than enough for me. I stretched Nora out to my liking, keeping her bottom up, & held her waist tightly with my left calloused hand as I began to spank her with my right. I spanked her thoroughly, that primal first time, eager to learn from her sensual reactions — her cries & thrashings, her, "Harder, harder!", her building sexual arousal & her "Not too hard, not too hard!"

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I stood beside the bed again, admiring her bright red bottom, when my hand spanking was finished. My next move was totally spontaneous instinct, but it worked.

As Nora peered back over her shoulder at me again, this time through the grateful tears filling her eyes, she saw me deliberately taking off my leather belt & smacking it over my palm a few times. I watched her gasp fearfully, & smiled broadly as Nora actually lifted her bare, vulnerable bottom higher for me.

I shall never forget the feeling of primal power in that moment— making her wait for the first time I had ever laid leather to a woman’s bottom. I took off my pants & stood nakedly erect as I strapped her bouncing, shaking bottom soundly with my belt.

I strapped her until I was done. When I released her wrists I discovered that she had spoken the truth— although she had always been good, this time her need to please me was better yet. This was but the beginning of a wonderfully intense relationship that lasted until her move to California.

Nora taught me the value of a well-placed spanking & of the precious gift that a true submissive can offer to a Dominant. I taught her new levels of devotion— as I spanked her frequently, constantly encouraging, stimulating her to greater performance, deeper submission.

My first experience as a spanking Dominant was a magical one, & I’ve been hooked ever since!

Sir James, Canada

* * * * *

You're a lucky man to have run across such a talented teacher, Sir James, & a smart one to have taken advantage of the lovely lessons she had to teach.  Of course, Nora was lucky too to have found such an eager pupil & smart as well in spotting your potential as I suspect she did.  After all, that's what every one of us "searchers for that special someone" naturally do, although, sadly, rarely with the sweet successful outcome you shared with Nora.  Thanks for telling us about it &, hopefully, for renewing the strength & optimism of some of our still searching kin. - Michael

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