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Fate & A Foxy Young Coworker Put a Man in an Enviable,
It Really CAN Happen Spot
in this letter we've entitled...

If You Insist?!?!

Dear Barbara... I've enjoyed our correspondence & want to thank you again for putting up with my many questions. As promised, here is my written account of the woman & incident that changed my life several months ago.

We were setting up for a department presentation. This was a big deal because we were also presenting it to the Sr. Vice President that same day. The presentation was of the multi-media variety, using overheads, slides, etc. We had booked the company auditorium for the show. All of the equipment had been tested, all of the speeches practiced, & everything was ready, or so we thought!

Someone had brought a coosh ball into the auditorium & began to throw it around while everyone was getting seated. I had set my cup of coffee on a table next to the overheads, above the overhead projector & was in the back of the room loading the video tape into the projector, when I heard someone gasp.

The coosh ball had been thrown to someone at the front of the room, missing its target & setting off a chain reaction. It knocked over my coffee cup, spilled coffee onto the table, all over the overheads & slides. The coffee also ran down the table & onto the overhead projector, shorting it out. So here I was, with over 100 people waiting for the presentation & a big mess to clean up.

Someone ran down to the rest room & grabbed a handful of paper towels & we feverishly were wiping off the overheads & slides. We also quickly grabbed the back-up overhead projector & put it in place. In no time, we were back to normal & ready to start our presentation.

The disaster had been averted, & in no time we were rolling along with the presentation as though nothing had happened. A few of the overheads had a slight stain on them from the coffee, but other than that, everything went off without a hitch.

After the presentation, one of our associates came up to me to apologize for throwing the ball & creating the mess. Stacy is a pretty little thing I'd casually admired around the office & at other presentations, but knew nothing about. I told her not to worry about it & that everything was all right. Besides, I jokingly said, the accident had shown how well-prepared & adaptable I was under pressure.

Stacy didn't laugh at my wit. She just stood there with a sheepish look on her pretty face for a moment, apologized again & then walked away.

I put the incident behind me over the next few days, but I couldn't quite forget about it. Stacy wouldn't let me. The few times I saw her from a distance or bumped into her in a hallway, she'd blush cutely, look guilty & apologize if she could.

I must admit that Stacy's actions aroused my curiosity enough to find out a few things about her. She was a highly regarded prospect in the company, single, & still lived at home with her widowed mother. I heard opinions that she was nice but shy &, appropriately enough, a bit anal-retentive. That seemed to explain Stacy's persistent apologies, I thought, never imagining where her anal-retentiveness was soon to lead me.

I found out a week after the coosh ball incident when I bumped into Stacy early one morning. She again apologized for spilling the coffee & said that she wished that there was something that she could do to make up for her blunder. I told her that her "blunder" wasn’t really a big deal, there was no harm done, & to forget about it. But she wouldn’t let it drop.

"Fair is fair. When I screw something up, Iím willing to pay for it. I know that I should be punished for what I did & Iím ready to accept what I deserve." Stacy said.

I told her that I wasnít aware of any rules the company had about spilling a cup of coffee & besides, I was the one who left the cup of coffee there in the first place. Stacy asked me if we could go into my office & discuss the matter in private. I said "sure", if she really felt the need to talk more about it.

We went back into my office & closed the door. Stacy was visibly nervous as I turned toward her. I asked her what was really on her mind, telling her again, that there was no real harm done. I told her it even broke some of the tension that morning.

"The way I was brought up, if you did something wrong, you were punished. I saw the cup there, but I didnít think that the ball would go that far." She explained.

I asked her if she was trying to hit the coffee.

"No, but I should have been more careful." She quickly responded.

I told her accidents do happen.

"So do punishments," she replied.

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At this point, I was beginning to understand that she really did want to be punished for what happened. What a dilemma! If I did something, it could be construed as sexual harassment, & I had no intentions of being fired for something as stupid as that, so I just asked some open-ended questions & listened for her responses. I didnít feel the need to ask her why she felt that she needed to be punished because it seemed redundant at that point. I did tell her that I thought she had put a great deal of thought into this & I wanted her to tell me about it.

Stacy affirmed that she had spent a lot of time during the last week thinking about it & she wished she could put it behind her, but because she hadnít been punished for her actions, she couldnít forget it. I asked her what type of punishment she felt was appropriate for what she did, to which she said that she deserved to be spanked!

Spanked? I was shocked! Did I hear her correctly? I couldn't have!

"Did you just say what I thought I heard you say?" I probably squeaked. Stacy nodded her head with jerky motions. There was a dead silence in my office for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, I shook my head to clear the confusion & found my voice.

"Let me get this straight. If I spank you for spilling the coffee at the presentation, youíll be able to put this incident behind you & we can get back to our normal working relationship?"

"Yes." Stacy quietly answered, her eyes looking at the floor.

I was astounded, but far too intrigued to decline. For the sake of caution, I told Stacy that if I agreed to "make her feel better", it could have nothing to do with work & would have to take place in a private place. Stacy sheepishly agreed & asked if we could go to my place after work. I said that would be fine.

As a courtesy, I took Stacy to supper at this nice little restaurant not far from work. It was from my perspective, the least I could do, & besides, she probably wouldnít feel much like sitting down for lunch afterwards. I asked her if she wanted to have a drink, & she ordered a glass of wine.

Oddly enough, she didnít seem as nervous as when we were discussing the incident in my office earlier. Our conversation was about any number of non-relevant topics, mostly just small talk to pass the time & try to ease the tension. After we finished eating, we headed for my apartment.

Upon arrival, Stacy excused herself for a few minutes while I set up my video camera. Again for the sake of caution, I'd insisted on taping her request for a spanking as well as the act itself so no false allegations could be made later. I didn't know or trust Stacy that well at that point.

When Stacy came back into the room, she again appeared very nervous & stared at the floor. I turned the camera on & thought to myself that Iíd be nervous too, even if I had asked to be spanked by my boss.

"Will you spank me for being so bad & ruining your presentation?" She asked standing before me, her eyes downcast.

I asked her if she was willing to submit to this spanking (I still didnít believe all this was happening) & she looked me straight in the eyes & answered, "Yes", softly.

I sat down on the couch in her living room & motioned for her to come to me. I gently grasped her wrist & guided her face down over my lap.

I asked her how old she was & she answered "27". I told her she would receive 27 spanks on the seat of her jeans, then her jeans would come down & she would receive 27 spanks on the seat of her panties & finally, her panties would be removed & she would receive her final 27 spanks on her bare bottom. She didnít protest.

I started out, first warming her up with what I considered medium smacks on her fairly well protected bottom. She wiggled a bit, but didnít try to escape. Alternating swats from one cheek to the other, we finished the first part of her spanking & I told her to get up off my lap.

Stacy stood before me. I reached up, unbuckled her belt, unfastened the button at the top & lowered the zipper on her jeans. I then slowly slid her jeans down, over her hips & down her legs until they reached a spot just below her knees. Stacy kept her eyes closed, breathing little sighs of embarrassment as her jeans came to their final resting place.

Once again, I guided her over my knees, enjoying the lovely sight before me. Here was a lovely young lady, her jeans lowered, with a pale pink color, peeking out from the lower portion of her high cut white panties. I let my hand glide over the two globes of her bottom for a moment.

"Are you ready to resume your punishment?" I asked, remembering why I was there.

Stacy just shook her head yes. I took aim at her cheeks, using slightly more force than before, really still medium smacks but with a lot less protection on the target this time.

She yelped & her bottom jiggled as the slaps landed one after the other. By the tenth smack on her panty covered bottom, she was kicking her legs a bit & starting to act just like a naughty spanked little girl. After the twenty-seventh smack on her warmed panties, she had tears in her eyes & was softly sobbing.

I helped her up off my lap, reminding her there was still one part left to her punishment & that she should stand in front of me one more time. She stood there, crying softly. I asked her if she still wanted to continue with her "punishment". She nodded her head yes.

I reached up & took hold of the waistband of her panties. Then slowly, I slipped them down to just above her ankles, where her jeans had ended up & guided her back over my lap to complete the punishment.

Her bottom was the prettiest shade of dark pink, reminding me of a Florida sunset. My hand wandered over the pretty pink globes as Stacy relaxed a little. I told her, for the last part of her punishment, since she had been so good, the first seventeen spanks would not be too hard, but the last ten would be the hardest smacks that she had received. She looked back over her shoulder & gave me a small smile of thanks.

The sound of the smacks landing on her bare flesh had a totally different resonance than the first 54. As each smack landed, there was a loud crack followed by legs kicking & a loud yelp. By the time we were ready for the last 10 swats, Stacy was breathing quickly & sobbing quite loudly.

With measured intent, I raised my hand over my shoulder & brought it down sharply on her unprotected bottom. Stacy yelped, twisted & bucked & it took all of my effort to hold her on my lap, but she never once tried to reach back & cover her quickly reddening buns. Again & again, my hand landed on one cheek & then the other, until at last, we had finished her "punishment".

I held Stacy over my lap for several minutes until her sobbing subsided & she was able to regain control of her emotions. Her bottom was quite red & very sore! Then, helping her up, I reached out to replace her panties & jeans, but Stacy caught my hands & shook her head.

"My bottom burns too much," she sniffled, looking & sounding like the woman-child of my spanking fantasies!

I opened my arms & Stacy stepped into them. I kissed her wet cheek, tasted the salt of her tears, & told her that she was a very brave girl. I couldn't resist reaching down to gently cup one of her warm, soft bottom cheeks & was rewarded when Stacy squirmed into my palm & hugged me back hard. We stood there together, sharing the silence & what turned out to be the same feelings & thoughts.

Stacy & I became lovers later that night & haven't looked back since. In the aftermath of spending our mutual passion, Stacy admitted to having a crush on me & intentionally throwing the coosh ball my way during the presentation. She had intended to hit me, not my coffee, but based on the way things turned out, I'd have to say her throw really hit the bulls-eye.

As you know, Barbara, Stacy introduced me to your publications as well as spanking, & I hope this helps to show how grateful I am to you & your outstanding publication. We are engaged now & plan to marry sometime next year. Our engagement has been happy & warm, if you catch my drift, & we see no reason to change a thing until death does us part. -- Jeff, FL

* * * * *

Congrats again on recognizing a great thing when it falls into... or across... you lap, Jeff! And thanks for sharing it with us! As I've told you, I think Stacy deserves all the credit for your warm happiness & wonder how many other happy, spanking couples would be out there if more Lady devotees... & men too... followed her courageous lead & introduced their partners to good, old-fashioned spanking instead of keeping it a deep, dark secret? Please let us know when the big day dawns & what happens on & after the honeymoon. Something tells me it'll be really hot... if you catch my drift?! -- Barbara

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