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A Every-blushing-day Lifestyler Speaks Glowingly of His
Naughty Lady & Their Red-Hot Relationship in a letter we've entitled...

Happiness IS in the Palm of His Hand!

Dear Barbara & Michael... Though I live a special lifestyle, I still enjoy reading spanking publications like yours & viewing some of the videos that are available by certain producers in the community. I consider myself luckier than most because I live with a lady who enjoys spanking & gets her bottom spanked as often as I think it is necessary.

I told Ann when we were dating that I would not hesitate to spank her, & did on a few occasions, but mostly in a playful way. I really liked Ann & thought the best thing to do was to tell her I was really into spanking. Not only has spanking turned me on since I was a small kid, I really do believe a good spanking can get to the heart of the matter quicker than yelling & fighting.

After about a year of dating pretty regularly, I decided to ask her to marry me. When I slipped the ring on her finger, I told her that by agreeing to marry me, she was also agreeing to include spanking as part of our life together & that would include discipline as well as playful spankings. She agreed & we have been married for almost five years.

During our five years together, spanking has become an important part of our lives. Ann has been over my knee at least once a week & the prolonged playful sessions always end up in passionate lovemaking. On the occasions when Ann has done something to earn punishment, we talk about it & then she is spanked. She doesn't like it, & usually pouts a bit afterwards, but she admits that she deserved every punishment spanking she's received. She also agrees that her "ten minutes in hell", as she calls those spankings, are worth it since no grudges or ill feelings remain when they're done.

To better explain what I mean by discipline, I'd like to share a little an experience that happened a little over 6 months ago (the last occasion when discipline was called for)....

My wife & I enjoy playing cards with friends of ours, Cathy & John, who have been our next door neighbors for the last few years. They are regular visitors to our house & we to theirs. Occasionally, we all get in the car & go on long weekend excursions. Ann & Cathy go shopping together & John & I usually play golf once or twice a week.

One evening during our regular card game, Ann started getting really upset. She had continually drawn awful cards & she was starting to throw a bit of a fit. Ann can be over-competitive at times, but that evening she was obnoxious. The longer her bad luck went on, the more childish she became, eventually throwing a genuine tantrum & throwing her cards all over the kitchen. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I felt my face growing flushed as I sat there embarrassed, watching the shocked expressions on the faces of Cathy & John.

Ann, realizing what she had done, apologized to everyone. She gave me a sidelong glance & then quickly looking away. She picked up the cards & set them on the table. I apologized once again for my wife's behavior & said we should call it a night & we left. When we walked in our kitchen, Ann started to apologize. I stopped her, still angry at her childish behavior, & said we would talk about it in the morning.

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The next morning, I had to leave for the office early & left a note for Ann telling her she was to meet me back home at noon & we would discuss her behavior. I knew her anticipation of what she knew she had coming would be the beginning of her lesson & keep her tense until she came home at noon.

Ann had arrived before me & when I walked in the kitchen at noon, she was standing at the kitchen counter. She didn't waste time trying to make small talk. "I'm sorry honey, I don't know what came over me." She apologized, knowing that her excuse would not get her out of the spanking she had coming.

"There was absolutely no excuse for your behavior last night. It was childish, you embarrassed our friends, me & yourself with your tantrum. The only way to make sure you don't pull a stunt like that again, is to warm that bottom of yours. Give me the paddle." I said, reaching out my hand.

Without another word, Ann opened the kitchen drawer & took out the wooden paddle. It is like the paddles that have the ball attached by rubber, but a little stronger & varnished to perfection for such occasions. I pulled out the kitchen chair, sat down & took her over my knee. I believe discipline should be ritualistic, so I raised her dress over her bottom & lowered her panties to the hollow of her knees without a word. Ann knew why she was being spanked.

For play, spankings can change to fit the occasion. For discipline, they should be known, respected exercises in lesson learning. I always spank evenly, firmly, & quietly when a discipline spanking is meted out. Ann knows exactly what to expect from a discipline spanking & she will usually catch herself in time to avoid one. When she doesn't, she knows she will spend sufficient time over my knee having her bottom warmed until she cries real tears & genuinely means it when she promises to behave.

Ann always kicks & cries for mercy from the first spank. I ignore her pleas & continue methodically spanking until her bottom is a rosy shade of red. I never go beyond what I think would teach Ann her lesson. When that point is reached, I stop & allow her to compose herself before letting her off my knee. I always take her in my arms after discipline & comfort her with soothing words & kisses. I believe that this after spanking intimacy is vital.

I don't enjoy punishing Ann, but I have to say that I do enjoy that little girl quality that regularly rises to the top of her otherwise womanly existence. Usually, the childlike Ann is vivacious, spontaneous, cute, & exceedingly lovable, but when the darker side of her childlike nature shows up I treat it exactly as it should be treated--- to an old fashioned spanking.

Our marriage is one of happiness & harmony & I believe spanking has been a big contributor to our relationship. Ann may not always agree when she is over my knee getting her bottom spanked, but when we are holding each other at night & she has that special glow about her, she always admits to having deserved the spanking she has received, sometimes thanking me for caring enough. I intend to keep spanking as part of our lifestyle now & always.

Thanks for listening & keep up the good work! My wife & I enjoy your magazines & videos very much!

Yours Truly, Mark, GA

* * * * *

Thanks for letting us know that old-fashioned spanking marriages still thrive, Mark! It sounds like you & your wife know how lucky you are to have found a place for play & punishment spanking in your lives & reaped the benefits of its guilt-cleansing powers! Congratulations & best wishes for your continued happiness & harmony! - Barb

I'm glad you haven't given up your dream of running into a man like Betsy's father, Jane. There may not be as many of us out there as we'd like, but there are some & you just might fall over the knees of one of us someday & get that old-fashioned, bare bottomed spanking you've always wanted. Stranger things have happened! Thanks for sharing! - Barb

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