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A generous gent recounts his day of spanking destiny with a deceitful college lover
in this previously published Red-Cheeked Recollection we've entitled...

Flame In Flames!

Dear Michael & Barbara... I'm a married &, sadly, spankless 42 year-old cowboy who was turned onto spanking by a girl I met, dated & disciplined playfully & for real for almost 2 years in college.  Although I haven't seen her in years, I can still close my eyes & envision her round & saucy bottom jiggling, blushing & bouncing over my knee as it often did.

Karen was an attractive, fair-skinned woman with brown hair & a coy smile. Like many coeds of the day, she dressed in what I would call the "post-hippie" style-- blue jeans with colorful patches everywhere, T-shirt's with peace symbols or save the planet slogans, & rolled-kerchief head-bands that kept her long hair back & out of her face.

I first noticed Karen on her bicycle, which she rode everywhere. Actually, what I first noticed was Karen's slightly elevated, lush rear end wiggling by as she rode her bike by me one day. I made it a point to put a face & personality behind the gorgeous little bottom, & soon we were talking & hanging around together, but not dating as such.

It wasn't that I didn't want to date &, in truth, bed Karen. I did. She was too sexy & pretty not to be attracted to, but I was not a "free love" kind of man. I was more comfortable letting things take their course, which they finally did when Karen proved that she was not as patient as I. She showed up at my garage apartment one afternoon with a plan in mind, & didn't leave until we made the sweetest, most satisfying love I'd ever experienced.

Being a randy young man, I wanted more once the dam was broken & met no resistance from Karen. She was as passionate as she was uninhibited, & generous when her period prevented her from receiving the pleasure she gave me with her mouth, tongue & hand. We would meet two or three times a week in the afternoon & always on Saturday at noon. But never on Sunday or at night.

At first, I was too lust-crazed to care or wonder why Karen couldn't be with me more or why she always changed the subject when I mentioned wanting to see where she lived & meeting her parents.  But I eventually did & confronted Karen during one of our Saturday afternoon trysts.  As usual, she tried to dodge my questions & seduce me off the subject. But, this time, I wouldn't let her.

I expected Karen to blame the parents she'd told me she still lived with. Maybe they didn't like her going out on school nights, insisted on her going to church on Sundays & staying home for family dinner.  That kind of thing.  And, in the back of my mind, I worried that she might have a boyfriend she was fooling around on.  But I never expected & was not prepared when my lover finally confessed the truth.

Karen did not live her parents.  She lived with her husband!

I was dumbstruck at first & sure Karen was kidding or trying to pay me back for pressing her when I could think. But she wasn't. She said she'd married an older guy she'd fallen for in high-school & fallen out of love with since.

I wasn't a prude & admit that I joked about nailing some married women with my buddies when we were swilling beer & talking sex. But the opportunity never presented itself & I'm not sure I would have taken advantage of it if it did. There were plenty of single girls to snare without opening up that potentially guilt ridden, problematic can of worms.  I didn't want to break up any families, & I sure didn't want to fall in love with a woman I couldn't have. But I had!

I was raised to be a gentleman & believed that a man should never raise his hand to a woman. And I never had even thought of doing so. But I was suddenly so overcome with rage that I wanted to strike Karen.  I couldn't believe that she'd deceived me all this time or imagine forgiven her. I just wanted to strike out, I guess, & pay her back for the pain I suddenly felt.

Amidst my ranting & without thinking about it, I made a rhetorical comment to the effect that I wanted to give her butt the beating it deserved.  I hadn't thought about spanking any girl before & don't know why I did then. But I had seen movies & stuff where men spanked women &, I guess, hitting a woman like that fit into my code of gentlemanly honor & was the only thing that popped into my head at that fury filled moments.

That is when it happened. Karen said she was sorry & didn't want to lose me as a friend or a lover. Then she stood up, lowered her head & without looking at me said, "I'm very sorry. You're right, I do deserve a good, hard spanking!"

I was shocked as I had never seriously considered spanking Karen. But I recovered my composure quickly &, still angry enough to think she deserved to be punished, I answered affirmatively. It was obvious that Karen thought so too &, anxious to give her what we agreed she deserved, I told her to drop her jeans & get over my knee.

Karen looked at me with tears in her eyes. She was obviously upset & afraid, but she popped the button on her jeans & undid the zipper without a word. I didn't know what to say & was silent as well. But I didn't feel sympathetic as I returned Karen's look or after she dropped her eyes to the floor to avoid my angry gaze.

Karen soon wiggled her jeans to her knees but seemed suddenly shy about pushing her panties down, too. I was surprised because she'd never shown any reluctance to reveal her lush bush or pussy since we'd become lovers, but I didn't show it or any mercy. I ordered Karen to get her panties down &, sitting on the edge of my bed, I commanded her to climb over my lap.

Karen avoided my eyes as she climbed onto the bed on her knees, but her blush told me how embarrassed she was & her whimper how afraid as she settled into the classic spanking position over my thighs. Still feeling angry, hurt & betrayed, I didn't flinch as I wrapped one arm around her hips & fondled her fabulous flanks with my free hand.

I'd seen Karen's bottom many times & from many angles, but I'd never seen it look so beautifully bare or studied it as intently as I did then. Her cheeks were white, round & very firm to my touch. The cleft that separated those lovely hills was deep & gave each cute cheek a sculptured look, despite the fact that her fanny seemed fuller spread out as it was across my lap.

Karen wriggled, whimpered & let out little gasps as I cupped & fondled her silky smooth seat, but she didn't speak or try to stop me from exploring every intriguing nook & cranny, including those that lay between her buns & thighs.

That is when something unexpected happened again.

Although still angry & determined to punish Karen, I suddenly felt giddy with the power she put in my hands & aroused by her submissive wrigglings over my lap. It was as if I was a god, or Karen's master, & although I didn't know anything about that kind of relationship yet, I knew that it felt very, very good.

I hadn't planned to scold Karen any more than I already had, but I suddenly felt that I should. I told her again that she deserved to be punished for deceiving me, & added that her spanking should & would be twice as long & hard since she'd been committing adultery as well. Knowing Karen as well as I did, I was sure she had to feel guilty about that to some degree.

I knew I was right when Karen buried her face in my bed & began to bawl. Then, between sniffles & snorts, she blubbered for me to give her "the spanking of her life" for being so bad. She said not to let her tears or screams dissuade me. Then she begged me to start & not stop until she'd paid the full price for her sins.

I was surprised by Karen's plea, but ready & willing to comply. I knew how to spank, but not how hard as I lifted my hand & went to work. I gave her lush, naked bottom a good going over with brisk, sound, open palmed smacks. Karen's cheeks clenched & she let out little grunts & gasps, but she didn't make much of a fuss during a full three dozen licks that turned both cheeks a bright pink.

I was in uncharted waters & didn't know what to expect from Karen. But from my limited knowledge of spankings & what she'd said, I thought she would burst out in tears & be kicking & demanding to be let up by now. I could only think that I wasn't spanking hard enough, so I paused to pull her further over my thigh & resumed the chastisement of her newly elevated fanny.

Fiction is fine, letters are dandy, & photos & art are eye candy.  Butt, sometimes, you've just gotta see it to believe it... And really appreciate it!!!

Grown WOMEN AND men DO blush, beg, sniffle &, sometimes, bawl like bad little kids when they're scolded, stripped & oh-sooo SOUNDLY SPANKED by a diehard devotee of THE single-most sensational acts of D/s ever invented by man or woman kind!

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I spanked Karen harder & faster for the next twenty seconds or so. The spank spots in the center of her creamy-white bottom cheeks turned from pink to a dull red, & I felt rewarded when she suddenly started to wriggle, whimper & whine. I felt powerful again too as I held her over my lap, & aroused as well as I watched & felt Karen's hips buck & squirm in time to my spanks.

I spread my slaps all over Karen's bouncing bottom & discovered the more sensitive spots, namely the lowest slopes of her cheeks & the tender skin hidden in the valley between them. Karen's reaction told me how tender those places were, & inspired me to pay particular attention to them until her suffering was clear to see & hear.

Karen gasped & grunted & threw her head back to let out a wail as all of her tail turned to a bright shade or red. Then she began to beat her fists & feet against the mattress at a rapid pace. I could tell when her sniffles turned to tears & sobs & expected her to beg me to stop.  But she buried her face back down in the bed instead.

My palm was sore & aching & I would have stopped then. But, remembering what Karen said, I ignored her tears & my own pain & continued to spank her for a good minute more. I didn't know anything about Karen's spanking past, but I was determined to make this the "spanking of her life" & the memory of me giving it to her one she would never forget.

Karen was crying & sobbing so hard that my body shook along with hers when I finally stopped. I felt sorry for her, but, to my surprise, I felt better for me as I held her loosely. Karen didn't try to rise & continued to water my bed for a few minutes more, allowing me to soak up & try to sort through the strange sensations of power & lust associated with my first ever spanking.

I marveled at how bright-red Karen's bottom had become & was amazed at how hot they felt in the palm of my undamaged hand. I watched in wonder as her cheeks continued to clench & ripple. And I felt my arousal start to physically grow as Karen's hips continued to wriggle over my lap & her body continued to vibrate against my crotch with the intensity of her tears.

I'd spanked Karen, in part, for betraying her husband. But as his wife lay over my lap trying to recover from her well-deserved punishment, all I wanted to do was scoop her up & mount her again, then ride her harder than I'd ever ridden her before.

I tried to convince myself that I could not be such a hypocrite & may well have succeeded. But Karen felt &, to my surprise, showed me that she shared my excitement a few minutes later when she stopped crying against my shoulder & raised her quivering lips to mine.

I could taste the salt of her tears in that kiss & her eagerness for more in the insistence of her tongue. I immediately caved in to the oddly inspired & intensely heated passion we both felt. It was so strong & demanding that I only lowered my jeans before mounting Karen from behind. She was dripping wet & as hot as her bottom, which I could feel against me & watched flatten as I eagerly thrust myself into her.

My arousal was such that I had to fight to keep from ejaculating prematurely.  But, fortunately, Karen's ardor surpassed mine. She cried out in pleasure as I entered her & screamed louder than she had during her spanking as she came  after only a few thrusts. Then, for the first time, she came again when I did & yet again & again when I withdrew & allowed her to crumple to the bed in what was a true orgasmic frenzy.

I only came once but it was earth shaking too & I crumpled next to Karen on my bed. I took her in my arms as we panted for breath & I tried to make sense of everything that happened. But I couldn't & when Karen came at me for more, I stopped trying. We spent the rest of the afternoon making love like rabbits & in ways & positions we'd never tried before.

Like many men, I'd let Karen call the shots when we had sex before. But that afternoon, I told her how I wanted her to pleasure me & she willingly & eagerly complied. My threats to spank her again if she didn't weren't necessary to get her do my bidding, but they & the occasional slaps to her tender bottom were needed to heat her up to unprecedented heights.

I realized that before I was spent & relied on it to pleasure us both during the year & a half we continued our affair. I also relied on punishing Karen to ease her guilt & to help her overcome the few bad habits & insecurities she had. Most of Karen's spankings were more playful than painful & she always acted like a scared, embarrassed girl when I bared her bottom & took her over my knee. But even after the few true additional punishments she deserved, she was always as hot as a firecracker & as ready as I for sex.

The last look I had of Karen's sweet seat & feel of her heat was a few days before she & her husband moved far away. We'd talked about that possibility & being together many times during our affair, but Karen couldn't face a divorce & I couldn't give her what her husband did outside of what we did in my ratty little bachelor pad.

When Karen & I said our goodbyes, it was final & for the best. But it didn't seem that way for a long time & not being able to find a girlfriend I could turn on to spanking didn't help. My wife put up with spanking play for a while & probably would again if I pressed her, but she never really enjoyed it & making her do something she doesn't like doesn't turn me on at all.

That's okay though. I consider myself lucky for the year & a half of spanking bliss I was able to enjoy & will always have my memories of Karen to keep me smiling. Like I said at the start, I can still close my eyes & see her round & saucy bottom jiggling, blushing & bouncing over my knee as it often did.

I also have your fantastic publications to keep me happy, & I must thank you for that. They are the most entertaining & erotic magazines I've found in my many years of searching through bookstores & much more satisfying than the disappointing picture laden magazines I've had to settle for until now. I wish you all the success in the world & assure that you've got my support sewn up.

I guess the only thing left to say is that I wonder sometimes what became of Karen & if she thinks of me often & fondly, too. I'll probably never know, but I like to think that she does. I also fantasize about her calling me out of the the blue someday, & getting together to catch up on old times. But only to catch up. I learned my lesson about messing with married women thanks to Karen, & I won't even think about being unfaithful to my wife. She may not be into spanking, but she's perfect in every other way. -- A Texas Cowboy

* * * * *

Then we'd say you've been twice blessed, cowboy!  We'd also bet that Karen does think of you, too!  You were her first spanking partner, after all, if not her last. And who ever forgets their first? No one that we know of, & certainly not someone who shared so much time & pleasure over your knee.  Thanks for telling us about her & your spanking-hot time together!  And keep enjoying those memories & our humble offerings, too!  We really do appreciate your kind words & your support!! - Michael

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