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Sometimes... I Just Need...
A captivating CP caper concocted by Megan after a license plate frame
stating the above was spotted on an obviously cheeky young woman's car!

(Chapter 2 of 2,
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Amie leaned against her car, waiting for her destiny to arrive. She knew this was wrong, but she honestly, really, truly could not think of anything else to do. She tapped her foot. Max should be passing by soon. Of course, he would pick today, of all days, to be late. Just when she needed him most! She worried, just a little, that he would not be cooperative. He just had to help her! He owed her. He would... or else!

Amie tossed her long hair & looked down the hot, shimmering road. Nothing. She peered into her small hand mirror that somehow, magically, showed her entire body. She looked great today. Even for her, she looked good. Amie preened, just a bit, for the mirror. Her pale blue sun dress complemented her tanned skin & dark hair. It was short enough to catch attention, she hoped, but long enough so Big Brother Steven wouldn’t be appalled when she picked him up at the airport tonight. She needed no hose on her long, tanned legs, & minimal makeup on her sun-kissed face. She had been blessed, Amie thought, not for the first time. Blessed with wonderful genetics. And, not to denigrate her own contribution, a skill for knowing what emphasized her assets.

There! Finally, she saw a car coming! Amie swallowed hard & began waving. This just had to work! Positive thoughts. of course, this would work.

"Help! Help!" she called, waving her arms, like the damsel in distress she was.

Max’s large, dark green car slowed, pulled over to the shoulder & stopped just down the road from her. Thank heavens!

"Help!" she called, again, leaning against her car, waiting for him to come to her. She watched as he strolled toward her. Oh, my, how could she have forgotten how muscular, or how handsome he was! He dressed very well, & carried himself with such assurance. Yes, this man would most definitely fit the part, & he just had to help her!

"Well, well, we meet again. Did you flatten another tire?"

"No," Amie breathed deeply & summoned all her charm. "It was so thoughtful of you to change it for me last week. I’m sure I didn’t thank you properly." She batted her eyelashes & tried to look demure, innocent & very, very, grateful.

Max snorted. "I thought we covered that."

Amie looked up at him, through her thick lashes. "I have no idea what you mean. I simply wanted to thank you. I was a bit shaken. I’d never had a flat tire before & I wasn’t myself at the time at all, you know. Thank you for rescuing me. I’m just not sure what I would have done if you hadn’t saved me."

"You’re welcome. Now if you will excuse me," Max started back to his car.

"Wait!" she called.

He turned & looked at her, but didn’t move. "I knew there had to be something else. What do you really want?"

"You are so suspicious! What makes you think I want something?" She began, but then as he turned again, said hastily, "Okay! Okay! I did want to get to know you better."

"I just bet you do."

He said it sarcastically, Amie noted, but he began walking back to her car. She sucked in her breath & leaned forward to let her breasts overfill the cups of her sun dress. He noticed that, she gloated silently, following his eyes. Did she know men or did she know men?

"So tell me what is on your mind, Little one." His eyes were on her face now.

"My name is Amie," she reminded him gently. "And I do have a very small, teeny, tiny, favor to ask you."

"Why did I know that?" Max groaned. His eyes flickered over her body. "I don’t suppose you need more of what I gave you last time?"

Amie chose to misunderstand. "No, my tires are fine. No flat, see?" She tried not to blush as they both stared at her car & remembered the first time they met.

"So what is it you want?"

"I want to hire you for the next two days." This had to work, it had to work, it just had to work! Amie prayed hard & beamed cooperative thoughts Max’s way.

Another snort. Such a disgusting sound. She would have to cure him of that bad habit, soon, quickly. "Hire me for what?"

"How about you buy me a cup of coffee while I tell you all about it?" She bestowed upon him her most gracious smile.

"I have to go to work." Max looked at his watch. "And I’m going to be late. It was good seeing you again."

"Wait! Wait!" Amie yelled as he began walking toward his car again. "Don’t leave! Please? I need you!"

He stopped & she held her breath. Slowly, he turned. "What do you need? Besides more of what I gave you last time, I mean?"

Amie started to glare at him, but remembered she needed him too badly. "That is why I need you," she confessed as prettily as she knew how. "You are the only one who can help me! I’m just in terrible trouble!"

"Oh, I’m going to regret this so much," Max said. "What kind of trouble?"

"Coffee? At the little restaurant down the road?" she coaxed. "Pretty please?"

"Wonder if they have whiskey?" Max muttered & Amie felt a surge of happiness. He was going to listen to her! The hard part was behind her. She could convince him, she could. This would work!!

Flashing him another smile, she said, "meet you at the restaurant."

Three minutes later, she slid into a booth & watched Max walk toward her. Amie felt her confidence rise palpably. When had she ever not been able to convince a man to do her bidding? Except for Big Brother Steven, of course.

"Which is the entire problem," she explained to Max after steaming cups of coffee arrived. "I’m over twenty-one, I have a good job, & I love living out here. Steven is worried about me, needlessly. He is flying in tonight & if I can’t convince him I have someone to take care of me & watch over me, he is going to make me come back home."

"If you are over twenty-one, how can he force you to do something you don’t want to do?" Max asked, sipping his coffee.

Amie wished he would just agree to help & not make her go through all the superfluous explanations. Although talking about herself was not really a hardship. "You see, our parents died when I was little. Steven & my grandmother raised me. They are both wonderful people, but very old-fashioned & very much salt of the earth type people." Amie loved that cliche. It got across her meaning & didn’t make her sound as if she were denigrating her family. "They want me to be safe, & they worry far too much."

She leaned closer to Max, & whispered, "Don’t you think I’m old enough to take care of myself?"

He grinned at her but didn’t answer that particular question. "So how do I fit into this?"

"You don’t, really, in the grander scheme of things. All I want is for you to work for me for two days & I’ll pay you a thousand dollars." Amie so hoped that huge figure would make him jump at the opportunity without asking too many questions.

"Do you have that much money, Little one? This must be awfully important if you are willing to empty your bank account." Max suddenly seemed much more serious.

Amie sighed. Why did men only & always understand things when you stated them in financial terms? "I have some money, insurance money from my parents. And yes, this is very important. If I can’t convince Steven that I’m being well taken care of he is going to make me go home with him, & you are the only person I’ve met out here who can convince him."

"Why me?"

"Well, to be totally honest, you are the only man that I know for certain Steven would think suitable to protect me. It isn’t that I don’t know a lot of men, ‘cause I do. It is just they aren’t really the kind my brother would approve of."

"And you think he would approve of me?" Max leaned forward, & whispered, "Honey, the one time we met, I blistered your cute little butt for you. Did you forget?"

Amie blushed & tried to look demure & sweet. "That is not something I’m liable to forget!"

"Once more then, why me? What is really going on?"

Amie sighed. "Because if you met Steven, & talked to him, then he will know I’m doing all right here. You have to meet him & convince him you are my boyfriend & that I don’t need to go back. You owe me, you know." Amie had hoped that it would not come to threats, but she was not above using them. "I could have pressed assault charges against you, but instead I’m sitting here offering you money to repay your debt."

They both knew he was going to do it. Why was he prolonging the negotiations when they could have been settling on a good story to tell Steven?

She grew impatient. "So are you going to do it? I really think that for a thousand dollars you could call in sick for the next two days." Furrowing her brow, she reconsidered. "Actually, you don’t even have to do that. All I really need you for is dinner at my house tonight & a drop by visit tomorrow before Steven goes home. You could even do it on your lunch hour."

Amie softened her voice, leaned over again & coaxed, "Please? It is good money & I honestly can’t do this alone. I love my job out here & I love my life. I don’t want to go back to Minnesota! Even if you didn’t owe me, & you do, consider it your good deed for the month. Please?"

Max rolled his eyes. "I don’t know why I’m even considering this."

Amie felt the weight lift from her shoulders. "Oh, thank you! Thank you! Here’s my address." She handed him the paper she had filled out earlier. "It has some pertinent information on there about me. Things you might need to know. I’ll pay you half tonight, & the rest after Steven lets me stay. Okay?"

Max opened his mouth, but she interrupted, "Now, tell him we are engaged - it was love at first sight. But we are having a long engagement because we need time to get to know each other & you would not consider getting married anywhere but my hometown, so he won’t have to worry about elopement. Oh, what is your last name & what do you do?"

Max looked a tiny bit stunned, but he accepted the paper. "My name is Max Cooper, & I own Cooper’s."

Amie suddenly felt awed. "Cooper’s Clubs? All of them?" Surely not! Cooper’s Clubs were a very popular restaurant/bistro chain.

His eyes didn’t leave the paper as he nodded & said absently, "All fifteen of them."

Amie sighed happily. This was even better than she had imagined!

"Great! I’ll see you at my apartment tonight at 7 sharp. Don’t be late. Remember, you are anxious to see me!" She stood up to leave, then turned & said, quickly, before she lost her nerve, "You have to tell Steven you spanked me." Then she left, without looking back.

* * *

Amie backed away, into the corner of the dining room, covering her bottom with her hands & feeling very much the naughty child. "I am so engaged! We just haven’t had time to get a ring yet! He’s coming over later to meet you! Honest!"

Steven advanced toward her, slowly, menacingly. "I’m not going to put up with a whole lot of guff from you, young lady. We agreed on a two month trial period out here & things are not progressing well. You’ve bounced fifteen checks, had three jobs, gotten two tickets that I know of & now this phony story about getting married. The only thing you haven’t done is elope. Time to come home & grow up some more. You can try living alone again in a few years."

Amie let tears spill down her cheeks, not that it would matter to Steven. Where was Max?? He’d promised to be here! "But I love the job I have now! I’m selling advertising for a cable company & the boss says I’m very good at it. Those other jobs were just fillers! I made one tiny mistake in my checkbook & that was why all those checks bounced. It won’t happen again! I’m not going home with you! I’m in love! I’m not going to leave him!"

"And how many times have you been in love in the past couple of years? If I let you marry every scrawny dimwit you said you loved, you would be arrested for polygamy by now, or worse." He reached across the dining room table & grabbed her elbow.

Amie shrieked & pulled away from him, fruitlessly. "I won’t go back to Minnesota! I won’t! And you can’t make me!"

"Wanna bet?" He said grimly.

"No! Help! Stay away! " Amie knew what was coming. Steven had never really bothered trying to discuss things with her. He thought the only way to her brain was through her bare bottom. "Don’t spank me! Don’t you dare!!" At least Daddy’s paddle was far, far away in Minnesota. She hoped.

"You won’t listen to reason," Steven said calmly, pulling her to the couch while she fought wildly. "What am I supposed to do?"

"Let me alone!" she shrieked. She did not want a spanking! But even more than that, she did not want to leave sunny California for cold, miserable, family-thick, Minnesota.

Before she knew exactly how, she found herself face down over the arm of the couch. Struggling furiously, she screamed, "I won’t be spanked! Stop it! Owwch! Not sooo hard!!"

Without even looking over her shoulder, she knew she was wrong. Steven had brought Daddy’s hardwood paddle with him & obviously planned to spank her in to submission. He wasn’t going to do it this time. She did not care how hard he spanked her, she would not give in.

"OW!! " she turned her face so that her screams would not be muffled by the cushions. Maybe someone would call the police. Right now she would gladly press charges against her big brother. "No! Don’t pull them down! Steven, No! I don’t need spanked! Please! Ow! Ouch! Sto-op!!"

As always, he ignored her screeches & pleas for mercy, & methodically smacked her bare behind, over & over, till she thought she would die of the pain. Her panties slid off in her frantic efforts to kick the pain away.

"Enough! Enough!" she sobbed, too well-trained to put a hand back or try to get up. He had been punishing her in this fashion since she was five, & she knew that he would not stop till her bottom was bright red & he thought she was properly contrite. Then he would allow her to dance around the room for a few minutes before making her stand, bare bottom & all, in front of him while he lectured her, one more time.

"I’d like to know what the hell is going on here."

Fiction is fine & letters are dandy.
But sometimes you've just gotta

Fully grown women DO squirm, squeal, kick, plead, promise &, sometimes, cry like sorry, sore-bottomed little girls when they're scolded, stripped & SOUNDLY SPANKED by a TRUE BELIEVER in old-fashioned, with ALL the trimmings discipline!

SEE for YOURSELF in any one of our real spanker/real raw reaction C.P. psychodramas & YOU WILL BELIEVE!
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Amie, through her tears, did not notice Steven had stopped spanking her till she heard that deep rumble. Immediately she jumped off the couch, pulled down her skirt & flew into Max’s arms. "Make him stop!" she begged, not acting at all. "Don’t let him spank me anymore! Let me stay with you!"

"Why, Amie, what a surprise! You weren’t lying this time, were you?" Steven stated, dropping the paddle on the couch & advancing with his hand out. "You must be the fianc?"

"And you must be the big brother." Max didn’t offer his hand, but clutched Amie tighter.

"Tell him I don’t have to go back to Minnesota, Max. Please?" She lifted her tear stained face to his. "Tell him I belong to you now?"

"I do not approve of men spanking my future wife," Max said, coolly. "If she needs to be paddled, I’ll be the one to do it from now on."

Steven snorted & Amie grit her teeth. She hated that sound. Max untangled her from his arms & stood her in front of him. "Go wash your face, Little One. And put your panties back on." He pointed by the sofa where they lay in a pale blue puddle on the floor. "Your brother & I are going to have a little talk."

Amie dutifully did as she was told. As soon as she got in the bathroom, she lifted her skirt & looked at her bottom in the mirror. Steven had just gotten started but her bottom was hot pink & tender. It had been too long since her last spanking from him - she had forgotten how rough they were & could have sworn he’d been killing her!

Lowering her skirt, she slipped her panties on while looking at her face in the mirror. She smiled happily. Crying made her lips swell, her cheeks turn a bright pink, & her eyes look huge. That was the only advantage to a spanking. It certainly brought out the best in her complexion. Some girls got splotchy & blotchy when they cried. Not her.

Suddenly, she realized that the two men she just left in the living room were discussing her, & her future & she really really wanted to know what they were saying. First, though, her hair needed to be brushed. And she did need a tiny bit of mascara repair and... "Amie!"

Jumping, Amie dropped the mascara & hurried back into the living room. She saw no sign of the paddle. "Yes, Steven? Did you & Max get things straightened out? I’m staying here & you are going home. Right?"

Steven leaned back in the recliner, looking much too relaxed. "I guess that is up to Max here.

Amie looked toward Max eagerly. Her plan had worked! She was staying! No more big brother looking over her shoulder & bruising her bottom! Life would be good! She would be free! Free to do all the things other women her age did. Go to parties, stay out all night, date whomever she pleased, have fun.

"Let’s you & I talk," Max pointed to the bedroom, "In there." Amie shrugged & started toward that room when Steven protested.

"Hey, I thought..."

"Amie & I will have our discussion in private," Max said it flatly, causing Amie to toss a cocky grin at Steven. She had finally met someone who could stand up to her big brother! About time! She sat on the bed & watched as Max shut the door behind him.

"Well? Tell me what happened," she gushed.   Max's flat stare reminded her of the money & she jumped up & ran to the dresser. "Here is your five hundred dollars. The rest will be yours as soon as Steven gets on the plane without me. Although," she tilted her head, considering, "You probably don’t really need the money, do you? What with owning all those restaurants & all?"

"A deal is a deal," he said holding out his hand.

Amie sighed & handed over the packet of bills. Perhaps she could talk him into spending it on her? Of course she could. He owed her, after all. She thought about the gorgeous tennis bracelet she had admired in the window of a very exclusive jewelry store earlier that week. Half closing her eyes, she held out her wrist, imagining the sparkle of the diamonds glinting there.

Max grabbed the proffered wrist. "Sit."

Amie sat next to him on the bed, wincing only a tiny bit, for effect, & letting him hold onto her. She rather enjoyed the feel of his hands on her. Like this! Not like the first time they met!

"So tell me! Did you convince him? No problems, right?"

"You are staying," Max agreed. "But there are a couple of conditions."

"Naturally," Amie grumbled. "Steven just couldn’t let me live my own life. He has to poke his nose in everywhere."

"He wants to be sure I really spanked you," Max said.

"Well, of course you did! Didn’t you tell him about changing my tire and..." Amie found herself tongue tied suddenly.

"Yeah, I told him everything: How I propped my foot up there by your cute little license plate holder, turned you over my thigh, & blistered your bottom until you were kicking & squalling like a big bad baby."

Amie blushed. "You didn’t have to be so graphic!"

"I should have been more graphic. He says you are more than a handful. Which is why he attached that plate holder to your car before you left home. And which, somehow, I had already realized. He wants to know for sure..."

Amie suddenly understood & gasped. "He wants you to spank me, now! Right? Where he can hear?! I knew it! I knew it! I don’t need this!"

"It is either this or go home with him," Max said. He patted his lap invitingly. "Drape your little self right over here & we’ll get to it. Don’t tell me you haven’t been dreaming of the day when we’d do it again."

Amie looked at him, but then dropped her eyes, embarrassed. Hoping he could not read the truth in them. She’d been dreaming of something, yes, but not what he had in mind! She would teach big brother a thing or two about what kind of power she had!

She sat on Max’s lap. Bottom down, not up, & put both arms around his neck. Lifting her lips to his, she breathed in his scent. Ahh, yes, she remembered that. Softly, gently she pressed her mouth to his. He responded with a soft groan of pleasure as they leisurely explored. Her breathing grew ragged & she pushed her breasts into his chest. She had kissed boys before. But this was a man & oh, could she tell the difference!

"Oh, God, Amie," Max moaned.

She could feel his strength pressing against her, ever larger, & she moaned, wiggling closer to him. A shiver shook her body. She wasn’t afraid, Amie told herself. Her chaperone, the one who had made sure she never went too far with the boys at school stood in the next room. Steven would kill her if he knew what she wanted.

Max pushed her away, just a tiny bit, & closed his eyes, making a visible effort to calm himself. Then he looked at her & nodded toward the door. "Let’s make it good."

Amie didn’t quite know what to do. She suddenly wanted Max, oh, how she wanted him! She wanted him, even more than she wanted to stay here with no hassle from her big brother.

Shakily, she stood, & slowly peeled her dress off over her head. Proudly, she faced Max, clad only in her tiny bikini panties & matching bra. She felt a little nervous. Although he had paddled her bare bottom, this was a different kind of almost naked. His admiring gaze reassured her that she was doing the right thing.

Stretching out ever so carefully across his lap, she gave a small thumbs up signal & braced for the pain to come. She could endure this. Her bottom still tingled slightly from Steven’s ministrations earlier. Max had no paddle, though she knew from experience how punishing his large hand could be.

The first few smacks were light. Amie began to bury her face into the bedspread, but remembered that Steven needed to hear. "Ohhhh," she gasped as her bottom began to grow warm. "Ohhhh, Max!" she sighed as he continued to lightly slap her bottom with one hand & boldly sent the other searching for different pleasures. She didn’t even protest, more than a soft moan, as he peeled her panties slowly down to her thighs.

"You are a naughty girl," he informed her, speeding up the quantity of the smacks to her bottom. "You’ve had this coming for a very long time." His fingers found the pearl he had been seeking & Amie whimpered loudly.

"Bad girls deserve to be spanked. I’m going to make certain you remember this one for a long, long, time."

This was nothing like any spanking she had ever received. She was not howling in pain, though her bottom did feel on fire. She could not stop the almost frantic wiggling of her hips against his hand, against his questing finger. She did not have to force the pleas & soft cries for mercy, though she wasn’t sure what she wanted mercy from. If he stopped she would die. She would simply die!

He spanked her harder now, & she barely noticed. He was doing nothing wrong, everything right. Her entire body throbbed with the aches radiating from the area between her waist & thighs.

"Max! Maxxx! Ah-Ahhhh-Ahhhhhhh!!" Her body was going to explode. She just knew it. He smacked her harder, then harder still. She, in turn, rubbed faster & quicker until, suddenly, she did explode. In waves & waves of such pure bliss that she shook, panted, & squealed until she was too exhausted to express the profound, pulsating pleasure that seemed to lift her up & off of Max's lap.

Amie was only vaguely aware of Max's hand carefully, gently, rubbing her burning bottom when she returned to earth & realized she still lay over his knee. As she lay there basking in the afterglow, she was at once grateful & resentful for the pain-enhanced pleasure this man had given her. She had never felt anything so sweet & good, of that she was sure. And she knew she wanted to taste it again & again & again. But how could she?

Max took care of it. Lifting the pliant pile of femininity from his lap, he laid her on the bed & left the bedroom. When he came back 15 minutes later, he sat on the bed, pulled her up onto his lap, & told her Steven was gone. He said that her brother had left her in his care & that she'd better get used to having him around because he intended to honor the vow he'd made to him.

"B-But Max, you don't m-mean..." Amie murmured with feigned fear & wriggled her hips against her sexy good samaritan's lap.

"You know exactly what I mean," Max husked & lowered his mouth to the dewy soft target that waited to be tasted, taken & tortured when he suddenly pulled back & smirked down into Amie's disappointed expression. "But you'd better not think I'm going to let you play me anymore. Twice is more than enough for me."

Amie blinked & her pretty face took on a blank expression. "Twice? But I didn't..."

"Don't!" Max warned & pressed a finger against Amie's lips. He wanted to make love to her now, not prove that he could punish her as well as her big brother. Steven knew his little sister too well to be fooled by her scam, & had angrily sworn that she was going to shed twice the amount of tears than she ever had before he dragged her back to Minnesota. But Max had changed his mind.

Amie looked into her the eyes of her lover to be & nodded. When he removed his finger, she smiled happily & felt even dreamier. Her plan had worked as well as she hoped it would...

The brightly blushing end!

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