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Sometimes... I Just Need...
A captivating CP caper concocted by Megan after a license plate frame
stating the above was spotted on an obviously cheeky young woman's car!

(Chapter 1 of 

Amie frowned into the full length mirror & pulled at the elastic waistband of her already too-short skirt, raising it another inch. She turned & looked over her shoulder at the view from the rear, evened the hem out a little, then smiled smugly. Not many women could get away with a skirt this high, or look so good! The red & black plaid mini showed off her legs to perfection & made them look even longer than they were. And the tiny pleats played around her tight young ass, showing off it's sexy, apple-round shape, yet obscuring it just enough to make the guys want to see more, which they would if she bent over too far!

Amie giggled impishly & slowly bent at the waist, seeing just how far she could go & how cute her bottom cheeks looked in the thin white panties she'd chosen to wear. The eyes of that cute, shy guy at the office would pop right out when she gave him a peek! He was soooo much fun to torture! She enjoyed teasing the other men at work as well. Young & single or old & married, she knew all of them would be sneaking peeks at her today. The new white blouse she'd bought fit her like a second skin, & the new push-up bra made her breasts look even fuller & sexier than they did on their own. And her new black, high-heeled sandals completed her naughty ensemble.

Yeah, Amie thought with a sassy flip of her long dark hair & a wrinkle of her pert nose, she'd have lots of fun today. Moving to Southern California had been the best move she’d ever made. Her family back in Minnesota was all bundled up with three layers of clothes, she was sure. And her big brother, Steven, wouldn't be the only one among them who frowned & forbid her to leave the house looking as naughty & sexy as she did...

"You're too pretty to have to dress like a prostitute, young lady! You're going to go upstairs & change into something decent right now. Then you're taking that trash back to the store & getting a refund."

"NO, I'm NOT!" Amie protested & stomped her little foot. She was 18 & determined to finally stand up to Steven. Her big brother was 10 years older than she & had been bossing her around since their father died in an accident 5 years before.

"Oh, YES you are," Steven declared in the stern, fatherly tone Amie hated & feared so much. "Your ONLY choice is whether you do it before or after I blister your sassy little tail!"

Amie turned to her mother & grandmother, who sat watching on the living room couch, & wailed, "But Mommmmma! Tell him he's not my father & I'm too old to be spanked! I'm 18 for Christ's sakes!"

"Steven IS the man of this house, Amie," her mother said, siding with her son as she always did. It was ALWAYS Steven says this, Steven wants that. What about Amie?

"And I'll suggest he wash your mouth out & spank you twice as hard if you use the Lord's name in vain again," her grandmother added with a snort of distaste.

"What? Oh, no! I didn't mean to," Amie gasped. She hated having her mouth washed out almost as much as getting spanked!

"Then watch your tongue, young lady," Steven warned. "You're standing on very thin ice already, & holding a bar of soap in your mouth while you kick & cry over my knee just might help teach you to stop back-talking me when I tell you to do something!"

Amie was trapped & she knew it. She clamped her mouth shut & glared at her big brother, then shifted her eyes to her grandmother. She hadn't expected any support from her. But she didn't appreciate her adding her 2 cents to the trouble. The family matriarch was a sternly religious old biddy who thought her opinions should count above all others. She'd lived with them for years & stuck her nose into her granddaughter's business time & again. She'd scolded  Amie for relying too heavily on her looks & had the audacity to call her shallow & conceited when the young woman tried to explain the benefits of being pretty!

After all, being attractive had served Amie well all her life. She was always one of the most popular girls in school. Boys literally fought over her for the slightest smile & favor. She had gotten jobs & promotions over more qualified people at the odd jobs she worked throughout her teens. And, in the short time she'd been driving by then, she'd gotten out of 5 speeding tickets! As far as Amie was concerned, her looks & the opportunities to twist men around her little finger that they provided were natural gifts that she would be stupid not to use.

"You've got 3 seconds to get upstairs & do what I told you, young lady," Steven suddenly declared, "Or Mom & Nanna are going to get to see what a big baby you still are when I spank you!"

"You wouldn't!" Amie gasped in surprise. But she knew he would & that her smiling grandmother would probably love to see that which she occasionally heard coming from Amie's bedroom when she went over her big brother's knee.

"One," Steven called out. Hating herself for giving in, Amie was on her way up the stairs before he could count "two."

Amie shook her pretty head to banish the bad memory & lifted her spirits with another appreciative look in the mirror. Yes, her family would bust a seam if they saw her dressed like this. But they were thousands of miles away & she was her own woman now! She could dress as she liked, curse if she felt like it, & stay out until all hours for the sheer joy of having no curfew to worry about! With a last look in the mirror & a mischievous toss of her tail that revealed her little white bikini's, Amie grabbed her keys & headed out to her car. Her perfect car. A bright, cherry-red, classic convertible with a white top & leather seats. She looked great driving down the road in it with her hair flying behind her.

Amie wrinkled her nose & rolled her eyes as she approached her chariot from behind & was reminded of her control-freak of a big brother again. And his warped sense of humor!  He'd taken it upon himself to attach a message inscribed holder to her back license plate that announced: "Sometimes, I just need a good spanking!"

Amie had scowled at the nasty thing & her bottom had tingled when she first saw it. How could her own flesh & blood embarrass her like that! She'd gone to take it off but found she couldn't. Steven had anticipated her response & ground down the screw heads holding the abomination onto her car. Then, when she'd stormed inside & confronted him, he'd laughed at her indignation & said she needed a reminder to behave when she was out breaking traffic laws. Amie told him she was going to take her car to the garage & have the plate holder removed the next day. But she'd changed her mind when Steven told her, in his scary voice, that he'd take her out to chariot & make sure her bottom matched the cherry-red paint every day if she took it off without his permission!

Amie was so angry that she came within a whisker of getting a spanking before she stomped out & got into her ruined car. She had an appointment she couldn't miss & slumped down in her seat as she drove to it. But an unexpected thing happened on the way that changed her mood. Several cars behind her tooted their horns &, when she looked in the rearview mirror, she was surprised to see right on gestures & smiling approval on the faces on the young men & women occupants. Then, at a light, a car full of kids pulled up beside her, told her what a cool plate she had, & asked where they could get one?

Amie encountered similar reactions from then on & quickly came to enjoy the attention. She realized the plate holder added to her mystique, & enjoyed the longing looks she got from good looking guys who passed her & slowed down to check her out. She liked to imagine the fantasies they were having, seeing her & her plate holder, & wondering just how wild a child she might be? None of the strangers who got the chance to chat with her seemed to take the thing seriously. And why should they? One look told them that she wasn't a little girl, so they just assumed she was a sassy, mischievous, beautiful brat. And, as 99% of the guys who tried to hit on her found out, an unattainable one!

Amie climbed into her car & fired up the big V-8. She loosened the latches on her rag top & let it drop. It was a gorgeous day & she was a gorgeous gal. Why not let everyone enjoy! She turned up her music & steered her car toward her country road. Amie was singing along to one of her favorite songs & finishing up her mascara when it happened: her car suddenly swerved & headed toward the ditch that rang along both sides of the road!

Blow out, said the calm part of her brain.... Car wreck, cried the hysterical part! Amie's inattention had cost her the split second in which she might have retained control, & though she braked & turned the steering wheel, there was nothing she could do but brace herself & ride her runaway car into the ditch at the side of the road.

"Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!!" Amie shrieked in the slow motion moment before her car slid off the road. The next thing she knew, she was in the ditch & holding the steering wheel so hard that her knuckles were white. In shock, she didn't know how long she sat there or hear the car that pulled up behind her.

A deep voice suddenly asked, "Are you all right?"

"My car! My car!" Amie wailed.

"Hell with the car," the male voice replied, "Cars can be replaced."

"Not mine! Not mine! Oh, noooo!" Amie argued & tried to open her door, but the man blocked it with his body.

"Don't move until you're sure you're okay. It looks like you hit your head!"

"Huh? I don't remember that..." Amie mumbled & shot a glance in her rearview mirror. There was a black streak on her forehead, but it looked like," Oh, that's mascara," Amie said absently as she reached up & scrubbed it off.

The man snorted with obvious distaste, "Mascara? Great! No wonder you ran off the road!"

"I didn't run off the road! I had a blow out!" Amie replied with attitude as she took her first good look at the man. Oh, heavens! He was what her friend Jen would call a Studmuffin! Well over 6 feet tall. Dark hair. Impeccably tailored shirt & slacks. Expensive silk tie. Deep, hazel eyes that looked stern, yet concerned. But that gave him no right to talk to her like some stupid woman driver!

"Okay, okay. All I care about right now is if you're all right?" the man replied dismissively as he looked Amie over. She could feel his eyes travel up her legs, which were all but bared as she sat behind the wheel in her plaid miniskirt. And she felt them burn into her breasts, which were exposed since the buttons on her tight white blouse had somehow popped open.

"I'm fine. And you can put your eyes back in your head now," Amie announced as she tried to straighten her clothes. "Are you going to let me out, or not?"

"Oh, pardon me," he said with a hint of a self-conscious smile, realizing that his eyes had lingered a little long on the attractive young woman's luscious legs & captivating cleavage. He stepped away from the door & added, "I’m glad you are all right."

"Me too," Amie agreed as she exited her vehicle. "But what about my car?"

"Well, you didn't hit anything," the stranger said. "So I'd guess the only damage is the flat. And maybe a little to the suspension, but I doubt it. They made 'em good when this baby came off the assembly line & this isn't much of a ditch."

Amie finished her walk around her baby & breathed with relief, "Oh, Thank God!"

"Yeah, she's a beauty," the stranger agreed. "All you have to worry about is getting it outta this ditch & changing the tire. You a member of AAA?"

"Ah, no. Not since I moved out here," Amie replied. Steven had insisted she keep her membership in the automobile club up to date in case of problems like this. But Amie thought she had better things to spend her money on out here in California, like new clothes.

"Too bad. It'll cost you to get a tow truck out here."

"Couldn't you do it?" Amie asked, automatically shifting into her helpless female voice. "I mean, you're big & strong enough to push this little old car & change a tire, aren't you? A-And I'm already going to be late for work! If I have to sit & wait for a tow truck, I-I might," Amie batted her eyelashes to strengthen her lie, "I might g-get fired!"

The handsome stranger looked at Amie with a dubious frown. He knew when he was being played, & correctly guessed that Amie could get to work as late as she needed to without worrying about losing her job. Her boss liked looking at her too much to give her grief!

"Oh please?" Amie pretended to beg. She knew the guy was on the fence & needed more grease to fall her way. "A good Samaritan like you wouldn't like to see a girl get fired, right?"

"I have a job too, you know," he said, as if the manipulative little sex kitten should care, although he knew she didn't.

"I'm sure you do! But you're a big boss, right? I mean, anyone who drives a $75,000 BMW isn't a poor, struggling, working stiff like me!"

The man shook his head & smiled. She was good. He wondered if she was another aspiring actress waiting for her big break? Southern California was full of them. Ah, what the hell, he decided. Amie was right about him being a boss. He said, "Get in & start her up. I'll give her a push."

"Oh, thank you, Sir," Amie gushed with glee. Her looks & talents had done it again! The car started easily & Amie breathed a sigh of relief. At least the engine hadn’t been damaged. "I’m putting it in drive now," she yelled out the window.

"Give her some gas, but not much. You don't want to spin the wheels," the handsome stranger called back as he hunkered down behind the trunk. Amie let the clutch out gently & barely stepped on the gas. But the powerful engine spun the tires anyway, forcing the car forward & shooting clods of grass & mud up into the chest & face of the man behind the car.

"Hey! What are you, deaf?!" The good Samaritan howled. The car was out of the ditch, but he was a mess!

Amie looked in her rearview & tried not to giggle at the humorous sight of the muddied man. She didn't appreciate his tone of voice & felt like telling him he was an idiot for standing behind one of the wheels. But she wasn't done using him yet, so she yelled back, "Sorry! But I barely touched the gas!!

The man mumbled something to himself as he brushed off his ruined shirt & tie. He wiped his face with his hands & walked up to Amie's door, looking like a football player after a muddy game. She hid her laughter & looked at him with wide, innocent eyes & squeaked, "I'm sorry?"

"Give me the keys," he growled. "And get out of the car."

Amie did as bade & stood watching as he went to the trunk & opened it. The look on his face when the lid rose was one of shock. "What the hell is all this stuff doing in here?"

"Things I might need," Amie said defensively. Her trunk was a disaster area, but she didn't need to be scolded about it now. One of these days she would have to take that kitty litter out of her trunk. It might come in handy for Minnesota snow, but out here in the California sunshine, she really didn’t need it.

"I don't see a spare," the man called out. "You wouldn't happen to know if there's one buried in here somewhere, would you?"

The sarcastic tone of the man's voice grated on Amie's nerves. Honestly, the utter gall of some people! She sneered, "Well, how should I know that?"

"Because it's your car, that's how," the good Samaritan growled as his temper rose. The girl was cute, but she was obviously as much of a spoiled brat as her license plate holder seemed to say! "Well, whattaya know. You do have a spare. Now if I can only find all the pieces to the jack..."

Amie crossed her arms & tapped her foot as the handsome stranger mumbled & dug through the trunk. She couldn't hear a word he said, but she was sure he wasn't complimenting her. Finally, he found everything he needed & got to work.

"Are you sure that's how it goes? Oh, watch my bumper! Don't scratch it! Be careful now..." Amie hovered over her savior like a pesky mosquito the whole time, buzzing in his ears until he wanted to swat her away. But he ignored her instead & hurried to finish. He'd had enough of the girl. She was gorgeous. But she was a royal pain-in-the-ass!

"Watch out! Don’t get my stuff dirty with that tire! Can't you clean it first?"

The man dropped the flat & leaned against the car. He was dirty, tired of dealing with this ditzy chick, & late for work. "What do you want me to do?" He asked with exasperation. "Use my ruined shirt & tie to wipe it down?"

Amie considered that idea briefly, but rejected it. ""Well, can’t we leave it here? I don’t really have a use for a flat tire."

"That's why you get 'em fixed," the man said as if he was talking to an ignorant child, which he now considered the cute young woman he was helping to be.

"I know that!" Amie barked, miffed at his tone. "And what's your name, anyway?"

"Max," he said shortly.

"Well, Max," Amie pouted. Now that he'd fixed her car, she didn't have to suffer his attitude silently. "I thank you for helping me, but I think it is very rude of you to use that tone with a person you don’t even know. Very rude!"

"I know more about you than I want to," the man mumbled, moving the junk in her trunk to one side & lifting in the spare as if it weighed nothing.

"Oh, really? Like what?" Amie asked with a petulant toss of hair.

Max closed the trunk & stepped away from the car. He looked at the license plate holder again & thought this was definitely one of those "sometimes." If there was one thing this ungrateful brat "needed", it was "a good spanking!" But, as much as that idea appealed to him, he couldn't risk it. He could, however, give Amie a piece of his mind.

"Like you are entirely too pretty for your own good, Princess," Max began. "Your looks let you treat men like dumb dogs & get them to bark & beg by batting your eyes or waving that pretty tail of yours in their faces."

The smirking man's snotty tone & uncanny accuracy hit Amie like a punch in the gut. She gasped, "How dare you say such a thing to me, you, you jerk!"

"Because it's true," Max continued in an infuriatingly confident tone. "And I'd say it's worked pretty well for you so far..."

"It's worked great!" Amie interrupted as her rage rose. "And on you, too! I guess that makes you a dumb dog like all of the rest, doesn't it? Well, doesn't it?!"

Max silently smirked at the spoiled, spitting brat & silently fumed. Trying to explain the difference between kindness & weakness to a girl like her would be a waste of breath, he knew. So he held his tongue & contented himself with thoughts of turning her over his knee, flipping up her ridiculously short skirt, & whacking her conceited little ass until she howled for mercy.

Amie was too tempered up to accept the man's silence, so she answered her own question, "Sure it does! So why don't you bark for me too, you dumb dog! Go on! Bark Maxie... Hey, what a perfect name for a dog! Come on, Maxxxxie. Bark, Maxxxxie!!"

Maxie didn't bark. But he bared his teeth & emitted a low, throaty growl that sounded canine in origin, though more like a wolf about to attack than a dog. Amie cringed back when he suddenly surged toward her, suddenly realizing the folly of baiting a strange man in such an isolated spot. There was no one to come to her aid & her high-heeled sandals weren't made for running, so Aimee stood her ground & tried to act brave when the handsome stranger skidded to a halt in front of her & glared down at her with dangerous, flashing eyes.

"I am an inch away from following the advice on your license plate holder, Princess. One inch!" Max snarled. "And believe this, Princess, if I spank you, I won't stop until your sassy, spoiled ass jumps right off & runs down the road!"

Amie gasped at the threat. But it calmed her fears that Max was a killer & fired up her defiant instincts at the same time. She snarled back, "You wouldn't dare spank me!""

"Oh, yes I would," Max thundered.

"You'd better not try it or I'll kick your balls up into your throat! I'm a black belt, buster!!"

"Me, too," Max replied. "Go on & give me your best shot, Princess!"

"Stop calling me Princess!" Amie screamed in frustration. She was lying about her martial arts training. Somehow she knew he was not.

"Then stop acting like one," Max demanded. "You're like a caricature out of a movie, Princess. A bad movie. "You're manipulative, rude, imperious..."

"Well, I'm soooooo sorry to have offended you," Amie sneered with dripping sarcasm.

"And you haven't so much as said thank you once!"

"Thank you! Thank you!! There, I said it twice. Happy now?" Amie sneered. "Now get out of my way. I'm late for work."

"You're not going anywhere until you apologize," Max said with a shake of his head. He'd be damned if he let this brat leave without a reality check. The license plate holder was there for a reason, after all, & no truer words had ever been written as far as he was concerned.

"What?! NEVER!!" Amie squealed, totally shocked & outraged. "Why, you owe me an apology, you clod!"

"For taking the time to help you & swallowing your crap instead of driving off & leaving your spoiled ass here as I wish I did?" Max scoffed, then mimicked Amie, "Oh, don't scratch my precious paint. Oh, don't get my garbage dump of a trunk dirty."

"Ewwwwwww! You are the most insufferable man I've ever met!" Amie shouted.

"And you are the most conceited, self-absorbed Princess I've ever had the misfortune to meet!" Max growled back.

"I told you to stop calling me Princess!" Amie shouted up into her savior's dark scowl. Max's eyes gleamed with a dangerous glow. His full lips parted in an equally dangerous smile. Amie realized she might have pushed him too far & began to back away. But before she could, he suddenly reached out, grabbed her upper arm & yanked her toward the trunk of the car.

Fiction is fine & letters are dandy.
But sometimes you've just gotta

Fully grown women DO squirm, squeal, kick, plead, promise &, sometimes, cry like sorry, sore-bottomed little girls when they're scolded, stripped & SOUNDLY SPANKED by a TRUE BELIEVER in old-fashioned, with ALL the trimmings discipline!

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"NOOOO! STOP! Don’t you even think about it, you bastard! Let me go!!" Amie screamed. She dug her feet into the ground, knowing full well what he planned to do. Max tugged her by the arm, besting her efforts to resist, so she changed tactics & clawed at his hand.

"Ow! Why you little hellcat," Max barked & released his hold. But, before Amie to run away, he grabbed her again, pulled her into a bear hug embrace, & lifted her off her feet. The terrified young woman tried to kick back into his shins or groin as he carried her to the back of the car, but she couldn't connect with anything solid.

"NO! TURN ME LOOSE! YOU CAN'T SPANK ME!!" Amie screamed at the top of her lungs, but there was no one to hear. As it had when she'd lost control of her car, everything suddenly seemed to switch into moved in slow motion. With intense clarity, she saw one of Max's shiny black loafers rise into the air & saw his foot settle upon the bumper. Right over her license plate & the saying she suddenly hated again!

"Oh, yes I can spank you, Princess," Max disagreed. "And I am going to enjoy every single second of it!"

"NOOO! YOU CAN'T," Amie screamed in fear & fought to free herself before Max could lift her up & over his thigh. She knew that once she was there, she would be helpless. She kicked, squirmed, & wriggled with all the strength & flexibility in her fit young body. And she sought to sink her pearly white teeth into any part of the man that came within biting distance. But Max didn't give his writhing bit of spoiled femininity a target to taste or a chance to escape as he lifted her up & dropped her over his rock hard thigh.

"See the color of your car, Princess?" Max asked rhetorically as he caught Amie's flailing outside arm & easily pinned it in the small of her back. In the position she was in, it was all she could see! "Well, this spoiled little ass of yours is going to match it before I'm done giving it the good spanking it needs!"

"Ohhhhh, noooooo," Amie groaned. Defeated now & full of familiar fears, she knew just where her bottom was & how much of it had to be showing. She blushed as she remembered how sexy she felt in her teeny mini & tiny bikini panties. Now, she just felt naughty & wished she'd worn an ankle-length skirt & granny-panties!

"Not quite so high & mighty now, are you, Princess?" Max asked smugly as he greedily feasted his eyes on Amie's alluringly displayed derriere. The brat's black & red plaid mini had ridden up as she feared, & just enough to make the sight of the lower swells of her pertly rounded, pleasingly plump bottom cheeks peeking out from under the transparently thin beige material of her little panties pleasing, mysterious & beckoning at the same time.

"What!? Don’t you dare! Don’t you even THINK about it! Don’t you... Ohhh no! No! Not that!!" Amie kicked her dangling legs & pounded her free fist against Max's thigh. But she couldn't stop him from flipping up her short skirt & satisfying his desire to see the rest of her beautiful but bratty backside.

"My, my Princess," Max commented with obvious appreciation. "Your ass is absolutely gorgeous, especially in these see through panties! Now who did you wear them for, I wonder?"

"NOT YOU... YOU... YOU RAPIST!!" Amie shrieked, totally mortified. "I'll have you arrested, I swear I will!"

"Don't flatter yourself, sweetcheeks," Max grunted. "You are definitely NOT my type. And if you want to file charges, go right ahead. It'll be my word against yours, & my lawyers will chew you up & spit you out!"

Panting, Amie tried to think quickly. But before her brain could come up with anything else, her good Samaritan turned disciplinarian began to slap her helpless ass with all the strength & power in his martial arts trained body.

"YEEEOWWWWCHHHH!!" Amie screamed at the top of her lungs as intense burning, stinging pains immediately overwhelmed her senses. "OWWW! Let me up, you monster! OWWWCH! You can NOT do this to me! SSSS-STOP IT!"

"Not until your ass is cherry-red & you're screaming out apologies, Princess," Max said without missing a staccato beat between the fiery brands he laid across Amie's bouncing bottom. For maximum effect, he decided to concentrate all his slaps right on the very center of her ass. Using the shifting shadow of the valley between her buttocks he could see through the filmy panties as his target, Max quickly realized how effective his strategy was by Amie's anguished reaction.

"OWWWWWW! NOOOOT THERE!! YEEEEE-IPES-SSS! OHHH GOD, IT HURRRRTSSS!!" Amie was sure that she'd never suffered so much so quickly! She kicked her legs at a furious pace & waggled her hips from side to side, trying to get a fresh spot under Max's brutal palm. Anything would be better than his concentration on that single spot, just above her pink, puckered little asshole.

Max needed the focus he'd learned at the dojo to hold the thrashing young woman over his thigh & to keep deepening the bright-red palm print that glowed through her panties. He'd turn the rest of her sassy ass the same color before he was through, he vowed. And though he had never administered a real punishment spanking before, he saw no great trick to it nor any obstacle that would keep him from turning this spoiled brat into the truly sorry, sobbing little girl he was determined to!

"OW-OWWW-OWWWW! P-P-PLEEEEZ STOP!! OW-OWWW-OWWWW! I'M S-S-SORREEEEE!! I'M SORREEEEEE!!"  Amie screeched as tears rushed to & out of her eyes. She pounded her fist against her trunk & kicked her legs with what strength remained in them in an attempt to alleviate some of the excruciating pain. But it only grew worse with each remorseless slap.

"You're sorry? Well, what about that," Max said with a smirk. "But I've got bad news for you, Princess. I've only just begun!!"

"OHHHHH NO-NOOO-NOOOOOO," Amie wailed as true terror sunk its sharp teeth into her anguish. How she could have been sooooo stupid?! How would she ever survive the vicious assault she'd brought upon herself?! And, if she did, how would she ever be able to sit down again?!



Amie grimaced & ground her hips against Max's thigh. She couldn't believe how single-minded he was, or how sadistic! The area around her anus felt like it was raw & blistered, & each additional slap felt like he was driving a burning stake higher & higher up up her butt! Her big brother had spanked her many times & in many ways. And all had hurt enough to make her cry. But he had never spanked her like this!

"Still giving orders, Princess? You really are a pip!" Max growled, appreciating the view but not her waspish demand. Amie's animated ass seemed alive & anxious to escape the confines of her transparent panties, if only to avoid his pinpoint punishment. Or, perhaps, to jump off & run down the road on its own as he'd promised earlier?


All thoughts of hope abandoned Amie then, & all of her worst fears flew as Max carefully & methodically continued his sadistic assault. He was NEVER going to stop!


Max finally paused when Amie suddenly began to scream like a banshee & cry like a baby. The pretty young woman's suffering was crystal clear to his ears, & his immediate reaction was to stop & rush to her aid. Raised as a gentleman & proud to carry on a chivalrous tradition in his daily life, guilt suddenly reared up alongside his righteous indignation.

Max looked at Amie's palpitating posterior & listened to her cry while he fought his inner battle. Her panties had ridden up in her struggles, exposing almost all of her flawlessly white nates & the outer edges of the cherry-red palm print that spanned them. He was sure he had succeeded in giving the brat the "good spanking" she deserved & that she would never forget this one. But, as he replayed the infuriating scenes that had driven him to this surreal eventuality, he wasn't convinced that he had taught her the lesson she needed to learn.

"Oh, no you don't, Princess!" Max mumbled to himself. "You're going to get EVERY damn spank you deserve!"


Amie was vaguely aware that Max had stopped spanking & greatly relieved. Then, when he started again, she felt relieved that he finally found other spots to spank. But as her tears continued to pour from her eyes & Max's hard hand continued to spank each of her bottom cheeks in turn, the pain drove her back to the well of despair & ever deeper into its dark, dark depths.


Max stopped slapping Amie's ass when each of the former Princess's milk-white nates sported a spank spot that glowed as brightly as the original one & her cherry-red car. Only time would tell if he had managed to spank the spoiled, manipulative brat out of the pretty young woman. But he was sure that the sobs that continued to make her body & buns shake as she lay submissively over his thigh meant that she'd be on her best behavior for a while. Or, at the very least, until she could sit down again! 

Finally, finally, Amie realized that Max had stopped spanking her & loosened his grip. As much as she wanted to simply lay there & cry, she wanted more to escape the danger zone & clambered off her conqueror's thigh as quickly as she could. With all her heart & with a torrent of tears still streaming from her eyes, Amie wanted to reach back & soothe both her anguished ass & her fears that Max had spanked the skin right off. But the tiny shred of prideful defiance that the handsome stranger had failed to punish away kept her standing still save for the sobs, gulps of air, & hiccups she could not control.

"Well, Princess?" Max’s deep voice resonated, "No smart-ass comments or attitude?"

Amie wiped her streaming eyes with the back of her hand, shook her tousled head & gurgled, "N-No."

"No more thinking all men are dumb dogs for you to use & abuse without worrying that they turn around & take a bite out of your ass? Or worse?"

"Uh-uh," Amie truthfully admitted. She would never make that mistake again!

Max reached into his pocket & handed her a handkerchief. Amie gratefully grabbed the offered clothe, swiped at her runny nose & dabbed at her eyes until her crying stopped. Then, by necessity but with malicious intent, too, she blew her nose into it with a surprisingly loud honk. Holding it back out to Max, she expected him to tell her to keep it. But he took it without hesitation & held it in his hand without a care. Rats!!

"And no more putting on your make-up while you're driving?"

"Huh? What? B-But I can..." Amie gasped, then caught herself. She didn't have to mean anything she said, after all. She whispered, "No make-up."

"I take this road every morning, too," Max warned. "I could easily rearrange my schedule to make sure I'm on it every day at this time..."

"N-No! You don't have to!!" Amie chirped. She didn't ever want to see this man again!

"Oh, but I think I will," Max murmured as he rose from the trunk & escorted Amie to the driver's door. The young woman shuddered at the thought & would have jumped into her car. But Max stopped her &, in a last display of his dominance & her submission, turned her backside to the sideview mirror.

"W-What are you doing now?" Amie whined as she felt her little mini being flipped up again.

"Showing you that I am a man of my word," Max smirked. "See for yourself."

Amie didn't want to look but didn't want the spanks she knew she'd get if she disobeyed. Looking over her shoulder, she saw her all but bare bottom & the fender of her car reflected in the small side view mirror. Both were the same, bright, cherry-red!!

Amie gasped & blushed & reached under her mini to rearrange her panties when Max released her. Then she climbed into her car & settled her sore ass on the seat as quickly as she could, wanting to race away from the snickering sadist & the ordeal he'd put her through as quickly as she could.

"We will meet again, Amie," Max promised as the V-8 roared to life. "Drive carefully, now."

Amie held her tongue but popped the clutch & intentionally sprayed Max with clods of earth that wiped the smirk right off his face & put in on hers. Expensive beemer or not, he'd never catch her now. Or ever again! Amie shifted gears & grimaced each time her bottom slid on the seat with the acceleration. She lost sight of Max when she sped through the first curve but continued to check her rearview for a couple of miles.

It was only then that Amie relaxed & took an even breath. Okay, so maybe she had earned the spanking, she grudgingly concluded. She had been upset about her car & kinda rude & bossy. But she would never forgive the handsome stranger for giving it to her! He'd embarrassed her beyond belief & forced her to submit to his will over hers!

Amie looked down at her make-up kit, which still lay open on the passenger seat. Her face was a wreck, she knew, & she wanted to work on it. But she bit her lip & carefully checked her mirror again first, looking for Max. She didn't see his car, but she imagined his smiling face looking back at her, taunting her, telling her she would never forget him or the spanking he'd given her.

"Ewwwww! Damn you! Damn you! Damn you!" Amie squealed. Somehow she knew he was right. On both counts. She would never forget him. And, someday, they would meet again...

They DO in Chapter Two!

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