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Karen's Hiding Place!
A Flaming Family/Spousal Spanking Saga by Lawrence

Karen grudgingly trudged up the stairs on the way to her room as she had so many times before since childhood. She brushed her hand across her rear end remembering the fear, the tingling of expectation, the waiting for her mother to come up the stairs expecting her to be ready to be spanked. She couldn?t help thinking about playing "the game", hiding in the closet. It wasn?t really a game of course, just a way the child Karen had invented to pretend she could avoid what she had coming.

The first time she did it, climbing into her closet, breathing in anticipation, her mother had come into the room & perhaps really not knowing where Karen was had announced that if she did not appear immediately she would be spanked twice. That, Karen now reflected, had been enough to bring her tearfully out of the closet to where her mother was sitting on the edge of the bed. Over her mother?s knee she went, her bottom was bared & she was soundly spanked .

This began at about age 10. Before that she had been spanked, usually over her clothes, whenever her mom or dad decided that a spanking was warranted. After age 10, in her room she began the closet game & it was always the same, except that sometimes her mother would use a hairbrush that made it difficult to sit for a day or two.

Her last time had been at age 16, maybe 17, shortly after her father died & Karen remembered saying something to her mother that was so painful that even Karen accepted the deserved paddling. She remembered the next day in school that her boyfriend had noticed her difficulty sitting down & Karen had mumbled something about pulling a muscle. The worst thing about being spanked at 16 was the spanking, but the fear of being found out was there too.

Today, of course, was a bit different. "I could walk out of here, I could avoid this," thought Karen.

Her mother though had been very specific. "You don?t have to do this Karen," she said, "but if you don?t, you won?t be welcome in this house for a long time. Now go to your room & wait for me."

The spanking, which had been threatened three months ago, was about to happen, & 23 year old Karen felt, again, like a child. Tearfully she entered her old room & sat on the bed.

The argument three months ago had been about Karen?s marriage to Ken. The marriage was clearly in trouble & Elizabeth, Karen?s mother, attributed this to her daughter?s "spoiled, bratty, & self-centered behavior". At that time, Ken & Karen had been married for only six months. Toward the end of that visit, Elizabeth took Karen aside & had the "talk".

Her mother told Karen what it took to make a good, lasting marriage. She told her that Ken was a good man, perhaps not forceful enough with her, but that it was obvious he adored Karen & would do anything for her. She said that Karen was taking advantage of this & many of the things she?d heard Karen say were cruel & unnecessary. Elizabeth pointed out that she did not have to live with Ken & Karen & that their marriage was their business. "But, young lady," she emphasized, "when you come here to visit you are under my roof & I do not have to listen to you destroy your marriage. So the next time you come here Karen, if this keeps up, I will take a hairbrush to your bottom & give you something to think about."

Karen reflected that things hadn?t gotten much better & today, the third & last day of their visit to mother?s, she had really blown it. Although not ready to take full responsibility for the way the day had gone, she had to admit that she?d gotten up in a foul mood, bad-mouthed Ken most of the day, & deliberately triggered the fight that led to his walking out the door saying he?d be back after he thought about what he wanted to do about their marriage. Karen, brat that she was, was angry & not entirely displeased with the results of the fight. Unfortunately for her, Elizabeth had been in the next room & after Ken left was when she was ordered to her room.

"Well young lady, let?s see if we can?t change that attitude of yours." Elizabeth closed the door behind her. In her hand was the old wooden hairbrush with which Karen was well acquainted. She was obviously in no mood for argument, but that was not enough to stop her daughter from trying.

"Mother, I?m too old for this," was what she said & what she might have been expected to say.

Elizabeth did not think this warranted an answer. When she said, "Let?s go Karen.", Karen knew what to do, & although she was already beginning to cry like a child, she stood at her mother?s side. She unzipped her cutoff jeans & slid them to the floor. She hesitated at the small pink bikini briefs, which would have afforded little comfort in any event. One look from her mother & she slid those to the floor, too.

Trembling she said "I?m sorry Mother," as Elizabeth drew her across her knee.

Elizabeth had not forgotten how to spank, but as she looked at the pronounced curves of her daughter?s bottom it occurred to her that spanking an adult might be different. She wondered if it would affect change in the same way it had always done. And she wondered if it would have to be a harder, longer spanking to get through to the child-woman she held across her lap. She also remembered a spanking she had gotten from her husband, the only discipline he?d ever given her, in the first year of their marriage, for pretty much the same behavior that she now saw in her own daughter. "Oh well," she thought to herself, "time to stop thinking & beat a little ass."

The unfortunate recipient of her mother?s last thought howled when the first smack fell. The second & third were worse as Elizabeth brought the brush back over her shoulder & propelled her arm & hand forward to make sure that her daughter got the point. She spaced these spanks a few seconds apart watching the imprint of the brush & getting a better grip on her daughter each time.

For her part Karen, knew that this was going to be bad, & she started to sob & plead with her mother in no time at all. "Please, Mom, I?ll be good. I?ll patch it up with Ken. I?ll change. You?ll see."

But her mother wasn?t listening & she began to smack more quickly, covering Karen?s bottom, occasionally straying to the backs of her thighs. Karen?s crying became heavier & her legs kicked up & down as if she could stop the pain.

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! The brush rose & fell, Karen?s mother making sure that her anger at Karen?s behavior found an outlet in the action of that spanking implement.

"M-o-m, I?ve got it Mom, I?ll be good, I?ll be better. Whatever you & Ken want! Anything!"

"I don?t think you?ve got it quite yet young lady" said Elizabeth, but she did put down the brush. The bottom she was looking at was bright red & although sympathetic to her daughter?s howling, she was not quite finished with her. She raised her hand & brought it down hard across the crack of Karen?s bottom. Again she raised her hand & slapped it down on one cheek & then the other. Karen kicked & bucked at each blow, but she was happy to be free from the brush.

"Now, young lady", said Elizabeth, punctuating her speech with hard slaps to her daughter?s very sore behind. "You are (spank) going to change. You are (spank) going to stop (spank) berating your husband & you are (spank) going to stop treating him (spank) like shit. You are (spank) at least going to stop doing this here (spank) in this house or I will (spank) repeat this again (spank) & again (spank) & again (spank) until you, my child (spank), get the point. And all of that (smack) assuming that (smack) that husband of yours (whack) decides to hang in with you any longer. (whack, whack, whack)"

With that, Elizabeth ended the spanking, deftly sliding her daughter onto the bed where Karen lay with her ass upturned, sobbing, weeping & pounding her fists into the pillow.

"When you?re finished young lady, you may come down & help me make dinner. Don?t be too long. I don?t have much patience left today."

As Elizabeth turned to leave the room, Karen cried out "Please don?t tell Ken what you did to me today. I don?t think I could stand that."

"We?ll see," said Elizabeth. But Elizabeth knew that she would tell Ken & that she would make recommendations that would keep her daughter?s behind glowing red until she straightened up significantly.

About two hours later, Ken walked in. He?d had a couple of beers, hung out with friends & made some decisions. When he entered the house, he peered into the kitchen & mumbled hello to his wife & mother-in-law who were busy preparing dinner.

"It?s funny", Ken thought, "but I like my mother-in-law better than my wife. I wish I?d married someone like her."

Ken walked down the hall to the guest bedroom that he was sharing with his bride of less than a year. He began to pack his things. He was damned if he was riding back home with Karen. She could find her own way home, & when she got there Ken would announce his intention of getting a divorce. He?d stay for dinner tonight, but that was it.

Dinner was a quiet affair with his mother-in-law trying to make conversation, but neither Ken nor Karen was very talkative. Karen, Ken thought, was unusually subdued & made none of the comments he might have expected from her after spending his afternoon away from the house. He didn?t care enough to ask about it though, & when the dishes had been cleared & Ken had been about to announce his intention to leave, Elizabeth picked up a bottle of wine & three glasses & announced that the three of them had things to talk about in the living room. Karen looked at her mother. She experienced a moment of panic but knew better than to say anything. Ken looked at his watch, a little annoyed, but decided to be polite.

When they were comfortably seated (all except Karen who would not be sitting comfortably for quite a while), Elizabeth took the lead.

"Ken," she said. "When Karen?s dad & I were raising her she was headstrong in many of the ways you are seeing now. I, for one, have been appalled at the way she treats you, & frankly concerned at the way you just take it. The last time you were here I had a talk with Karen about this and--"

"Mother!" gasped Karen. "You promised!"

"Karen, you know I made no such promise & if you don?t be quiet & let me finish, you?ll get more of what you got this afternoon."

This last comment got Ken?s attention & although he had no idea what his mother-in-law was talking about it sure seemed to quiet Karen. He expected her to rage at her mother & stomp out of the room, but she did no such thing. Instead his young bride pouted & seemed to shrink into the couch. This seemed to him to be a good sign.

"Now," continued Elizabeth, "When I spoke to Karen three months ago I told her that I thought she was acting like a spoiled brat & that although I couldn?t control what she did with you at home, I was not going to put up with it here. I told her that if, while you were visiting, she continued to behave like a headstrong child, 23 or not, I would discipline her like we did when she was a child & a teenager. This afternoon, after you left, I had another talk with your wife. I told her that I had put up with listening to her put you down for two days & I was going to follow through on my threat. I told her that she could choose to leave today & not be welcome in this house for a long time or that she could go to her room & wait for me. Are you familiar with what that used to mean in our house Ken?"

Ken, confused, bemused, & attentive, could only shake his head no. He & Karen had never discussed much about her childhood, although he had always been impressed with the way her mother could settle her down.

"In our house Ken, the statement ?Go to your room & wait for me? always meant that Karen was due for a..."


"Karen, shut up. This afternoon, Ken, I took a hairbrush to your young wife?s bare rear end. In short Ken, she got a well-deserved, over the knee spanking".

Karen, at this point, had tears running down her cheeks but was also on the verge of rage. She was so embarrassed that her face turned as red as her bottom had been earlier in the day. Ken couldn?t believe what he was hearing. He also felt a bit embarrassed. Although he had never thought that spanking could be applied to an adult situation he was not above enjoying the thought of Karen reduced to tears, kicking & thrashing across her mother?s lap.

Fiction is fine & letters are dandy.
But sometimes you've just gotta

Fully grown women DO squirm, squeal, kick, plead, promise &, sometimes, cry like sorry, sore-bottomed little girls when they're scolded, stripped & SOUNDLY SPANKED by a TRUE BELIEVER in old-fashioned, with ALL the trimmings discipline!

SEE for YOURSELF in any one of our real spanker/real raw reaction C.P. psychodramas & YOU WILL BELIEVE!
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"Now Ken, I’m not about to tell you how to run your marriage, but if things at home are like they are when you visit here, you have a problem. And in our house Karen’s father & I always solved that problem in the time honored fashion. So I’m going to say good night now & please don’t think it will disturb me if I hear my sweet daughter being spanked again tonight. I hope I’ve planted the suggestion well. I like you Ken, I’d like to keep you in the family."

Elizabeth got up to leave. She looked at her daughter with satisfaction & love. She knew she’d given good advice & now it was up to the young people to work it out. She’d go to her bedroom now, but she’d leave her door open to hear the sounds of the night.

There was silence now between them. Karen got up & straightened a few things. Ken sat on the couch. He aimlessly picked up a couple of magazines & flipped through them. He wasn’t sure now about his plan to leave tonight. He had not mentioned it to Elizabeth & it would be rude to leave without saying good-bye. And she had offered a serious alternative.

"Sure," Ken thought, but thinking about spanking his wife & actually doing it were different, weren’t they? Were they? Ken got up & took Karen by the hand.

"Come on," he said. "We’re going to the bedroom."

Karen offered no resistance to being led, like the lamb to the proverbial slaughter. It occurred to her that her bottom still ached from her mother’s spanking, but that resistance was not in her. She knew after the events of today that she did not want to lose Ken, & if it meant her tail or her husband, a good spanking now & then would probably improve her behavior anyway. She felt a tear roll down her cheek. She wanted to say: "No Ken, please", but all she could do was provide token resistance, grabbing on to the door jamb for a moment as Ken pulled her into the room.

Ken led her to the dresser & opened the drawer in which she’d unpacked her nightclothes. He picked out blue see-through baby doll pajamas & handed them to her.

"Go into the bathroom & get ready for bed, Karen. Then we’ll talk." While Karen washed herself Ken readied himself for what was to come. He took off his clothes & put on running shorts & a tank top. A tall handsome man, Ken was muscular & strong from working out.

When Karen came out of the bedroom, Ken was gratified to see her tremble. She looked beautiful. Her long legs, lithe body, & small rounded breasts had always turned him on, but it had been a long time since he had felt hope that his woman might return to the way she had been when they first became lovers. What a bitch she had become. Well, if this is the only way...

Ken sat on the edge of the bed. "Come here & sit next to me Karen." Karen walked over to where Ken was sitting. It occurred to her to throw herself to her knees, take his cock & put it in her mouth, hoping that he would become so excited he would forget the paddling she knew was coming. One look at his face told her this was not a sound strategy. With that thought Karen rubbed her buttocks & then sat on the bed .

"Do you love me, Karen?"

"I think so Ken. I just get so bitchy & confused sometimes, & end up hating the things you do & say. But yes, I think I love you. I just haven’t given it a chance, I guess."

"You guess, Karen?"

"No Ken, I know I haven’t."

"And are you willing to give it a chance now, Karen?"

"Yes Ken....does...?" Her pretty pouty face looked up at the stern look on Ken’s.

Ken leaned down & kissed her mouth, gently, feeling the contours of her lips, allowing his tongue to lightly touch hers. He answered the question she had not yet asked.

"Yes Karen. It means I will adopt the method suggested by your dear mother."

He got up & walked over to the suitcase that stood near the wall. Karen had noticed it before. Ken lifted the suitcase.

"I packed this afternoon. I planned to leave tonight & leave you here to get home on your own. I decided to go & see a lawyer next week. Now your mother has offered an alternative & you apparently are willing to give it a chance. Is that right?"

"Ken," Karen was starting to cry. She couldn’t believe there was no fight in her. She couldn’t believe he had planned to leave her here tonight. That was worth at least one "son of a bitch", wasn’t it? But she was giving in. She was giving in because her snotty self-centered behavior was costing her her marriage.

"Karen, " said Ken. "I believe your crying, but it is not going to get you off the hook. Because this is new to me & because you were already spanked this afternoon, I’ll only use my hand on you tonight. But in a few days Karen, I’m going to spank you hard with a brush or a belt because I have been so angry at you for so long. And from then on, every time you behave badly or unfairly toward me, I’ll haul you across my knee for a good bottom warming until you get it that I love you, & want you to be my friend as well as my wife & start behaving that way. Clear?"

"Yes sir," she answered, just as she had always answered her father before a spanking from him.

Ken walked back over to the bed, took Karen by the wrist, stood her up, sat down himself, & pulled his beautiful young wife across his knees. Karen was shaking & scared, as if she could already feel his hand slapping her upturned buttocks. As he drew the baby doll panties down over her rear, Karen tightened her cheeks.

"Ow, Ow, it hurts," she cried out.

"It hasn’t even started yet," said Ken. "What are you talking about?"

The question of course, was rhetorical as Ken raised his hand to deliver the first spank of his life to the most beautifully formed bottom he had ever seen.

Whack. His hand came down hard, just as he remembered that Karen had already had a hairbrushing earlier.

"Ow, Oww, Ken, no, it’s too hard, too hard." Karen swayed & bucked across his knee, trying to get off. At the same time as it occurred to Ken that the slap he had hit her with might really be too hard for someone who’d been hit with a hairbrush a handful of hours earlier, it also occurred to him that if he lightened up a bit he might really enjoy spanking her & he might make it last a whole lot longer. Unfortunately for Karen, this thought was not yet complete before he delivered an even harder swat to her swaying bottom.

Her sounds at this point were incoherent. Karen felt the edges of panic. She wasn’t sure how angry Ken was, she had certainly taken harder spankings, but not on the same day as a dose of the hairbrush. And this man had hit her hard enough to count with only two spanks. As if in answer to her fervent wishes she heard him say:

"Okay Karen, I’ll lighten it up a bit if you’ll settle down & make it easier to hold you on my lap. You’re due a good beating, young lady, but this doesn’t have to be the rodeo."

Karen, grateful at least for this, & already crying hard, breathed out. As Ken felt her relax into his lap, he began to administer stinging slaps, one, two, three, four, five as he painted her bottom with his palm. Karen was crying & kicking her feet, trying to escape the inescapable, but no longer panicked & trying to get off Ken’s lap.

As Ken watched his young wife’s beautiful bottom contract & expand in response to his blows, he began to experiment. Sometimes he spanked to the sides of her cheeks which was easier with the buttock farther away. He liked that as he had always liked the way those flanks looked. He experimented with an occasional swat to her upper thighs & this brought the highest pitched "No's" from Karen. She bucked when he hit her there & he did it hardest there when he let himself feel his anger at this young, now very young woman. He experimented with softer faster spanks & an occasional hard one to the middle of her bottom. He enjoyed the fact that this paddling was not without some sexual excitement for him. Perhaps its the paddling itself he thought, & then again, perhaps it’s just having some contact with her for a change.

Ken stopped for a moment, watched her relax, her rear end red & twitching over his knees. He put his hand on her bottom, rubbing it around, feeling the heat. He felt Karen move to rise & held her there, adjusting her. Karen felt some fear again, ready for it to be over, knowing deep inside that it might not be, & that there was more waiting at home.

Nothing hurt like this, not even her mother’s spankings. Nothing hurt like this because Karen was not only crying about the pain of the spanking. Sure it hurt like hell & that’s why she was kicking & scissoring her legs, embarrassing herself with her weakness & the exposure of her mysteries. But there was more. "Because," Karen reflected "I’m growing up. I’m feeling all HIS pain & rage & fear, too. I’ve caused a lot of this. I deserve this spanking & I’ll take whatever my friend & lover dishes out." Karen thought it was odd to be in the most childish of positions, realizing at the same time about growing up.

Ken, for his part, was not quite finished. In fact, as he held the bawling, sobbing Karen across his lap he had become angrier, thinking about what Elizabeth said, thinking about what Karen had put him through. He thought to resume the spanking with a passion, then wondered if he couldn’t overdo it tonight. After all, he’d already let her know she’d be getting it worse in a few days.

"Okay Karen," he said, "that’s just a taste of what’s going to happen a few days from now should you choose to stay in this marriage, &, at the moment I must say I hope you do. I’ve enjoyed this Karen. I’ve enjoyed it because you sure deserved it, & because it got some of my anger gone, & because as I’ve told you before, you have the cutest damned butt I’ve ever seen. And this was not an unpleasant way For ME to make contact with it. However, young lady, I’m not quite done."

Karen began to struggle. "No Ken, please, it’s enough, please I’ve got to get up. You’ve got to stop."

Ken put a stop to this with a smarting slap.

"Karen, you’re going to get seven more, HARD ONES. You can buck, scream, kick, & plead all you want, but you’re going to get them all the same. After that, tonight’s spanking will be over."

Ken raised his very sore hand high above his head & brought it down very hard onto one buttock. True to what Ken had said Karen did yell out, she did kick & try to get away, & she did plead. Ken lifted his hand again & again brought it resoundingly to its target. Karen was crying very hard again. Another hard one, this one landing at the swell of the buttocks where they curve away from the thighs, & then one on the other side.

"Three more," said Ken.

Two of these were delivered high on each buttock, & the last HARD, HARD, HARD, right across the crack between those once golden, now reddened globes. A long drawn out sound came from Karen’s mouth, something like: Aaaahhhhhaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. It was a cry of pain & rage & surrender. She found a way to raise up on her arms on the bed. Ken was resting his hand on that most pained part of her anatomy. She twisted around & looked at him.

"How, how could you?" she uttered through the tears. There was anger, & there was consternation. And then it broke, & Karen twisted around with considerable pain & pulled Ken to the bed & clung to him so tightly & cried so hard that it felt to Ken as if she were trying to climb inside of him. He held her. He had never felt Karen in this way, had seen her rage come back that one moment & then the surrender, the real Karen, the woman who had been his lover, friend, & partner, sharing equally, not walking around with her head in the air.

Ken held her tightly & let her wriggle in his arms as she cried. Gently he slid the top of her baby dolls over her tousled hair, the ends soaked in tears, & held her naked body slightly away from him so he could see the physical beauty that covered the inner beauty of this woman. He now felt hope of seeing both of these again. Ken gently slid away from her & laid her on her stomach.

"Don’t go away," he said, "I’ll be right back".

True to his word, Ken returned quickly, both palms liberally covered with soothing, cooling lotion. He was also naked & his maleness stood erect. He rolled Karen onto her side & lay next to her. He slid his arms around her & brought both hands gently to her buttocks. Then, fighting the urge to force himself into Karen & fuck her with wild abandon, he grit his teeth & gently slid inside her hot, wet slice of heaven...

The brightly blushing end!

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