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An Equitable Equation!
A Temptingly Erotic Tale by Paris Annette Morreau
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Susan sat curled up & softly whimpering in Danny's lap. Her head rested on his shoulder, her long curly red hair tickling his face, her large breasts pressing against his strong, well-defined chest. Her panties were still at her knees, her peach mini skirt up around her waist, while Danny gently stroked her burning bottom with the same hand he'd just used to spank her. He softly kissed the top of her head. She wrapped her arms tightly around his trim waist & he began to slowly rock her.

"Are you my good girl again?" Danny softly asked.

"Mmm hmm," Susan murmured.

"Look at me," Danny gently commanded.

Susan lifted her head & looked into his big brown eyes, so warm, sensitive & caring. She brushed her mouth against his smooth, strong jaw. He had looked so innocent when she'd met him. His smile was shy, his expression at once curious & trusting. There was no doubt in her mind that he would be gentle & protective. She knew the moment she met him that he was the man of her dreams & that he'd never be a match for her schemes & tantrums. As it turned out, she was only half right.

Danny examined her teal eyes, still wet with remorse, for any sign of continued scheming. He had never expected to spank someone he was involved with. When they met, he'd not been looking to get involved at all. That was forgotten the first time he looked at her. She was as impish & flirtatious as she was bashful. As funny as she was serious. And her eyes were like watching a movie, changing with each scene, adding or decreasing light depending on her thought or feeling.

"You'll never try to deceive me again, will you?" He asked, gently brushing a curl away from Susan's face.

"No," Susan answered, her chin quivering. She looked at the way Danny's wavy dark hair made a futile attempt to fall into loose curls at his neck. She melted at the sight of it, wanting the comfort of it between her fingers, but reluctant to let go of him.

Danny hugged Susan to him. She pushed her bare bottom out toward his hand, snuggling contentedly on his strong lap. While he slowly & lovingly stroked her hot cheeks, Susan thought about what had gone wrong with her scheme.

It had been a simple plan. As surprised as she had been the first time Danny spanked her, she knew it would not be the last if he discovered she'd done something wrong. He had spanked her nearly all of the times her plots didn't work, but she'd gotten away with plenty of things, too. Still, she hoped to improve her record of "scot-frees" as she thought of them.

The whole thing had started out as a simple mistake. She had just forgotten to pay the car insurance. By the time she'd remembered, the policy had been canceled for over two weeks. Since this was the second time in six months it had happened, she knew Danny would spank her if he found out. He'd scolded her & threatened her the last time. Worse, he'd lectured her about being disorganized & never having one specific place to put important things, like bills that had to be paid.

So, she just didn't bother telling him it had happened again. She knew from the last time that the policy could not simply be reinstated. Pictures of Danny's car would have to be taken. The problem would be how to "borrow" his car without telling him why. When Susan realized that the insurance office would be open on Saturday, her dilemma was over. She often used Danny's car on the weekends to run errands. So simple. When she got to the office, she signed the papers, the agent took the pictures & she left. When she got home, Danny told her that the agent had called. There had been something wrong with the film & the pictures hadn't come out. He didn't have to ask too many questions before finding out the whole story. Moments later, Danny was scolding Susan while he spanked her bare bottom with his strong hand. Next time, Susan decided, she would wait to make sure the pictures had come out.

Danny kissed Susan, their tongues lightly touching, while his hands moved over her curvaceous body. At the first touch of his lips, Susan melted into him, & her head emptied of all schemes as they began to tug & pull at each other's clothes.

On Monday morning, Susan lay naked & alone in bed, breathing heavily while her fingertip expertly circled her wet bud. Before the last wave of pleasure had fully washed over her, the phone rang.

"Hello?" Susan answered sleepily.

"Hey! What're you doing?" Julie asked.

"Enjoying the pleasure of my own company."

"Pervert. You're gonna go blind." Julie teased.

"I'll still be able to find it." Susan said confidently.

"Where's the libido with a brain?" Julie asked.

"He had an early rehearsal. We only got to do it last night. Twice." She added to make her friend jealous.

"Poor baby." Julie said sarcastically! "No wonder you took matters into your own hands. Imagine trying get through an entire day with just two quick romps at night."

"They weren't quickies." Susan said with a dreamy smile. "He doesn't know what that means." She mockingly complained to her envious friend.

"Yeah. Well, not to change the subject, but speaking of subjects, are we ready to meet our respective enemies, English & Algebra?"

"I'm ready, if you are." Susan said, waking up. "The story I wrote for you is the one about the day your dog got hit by a car & you had to take him to the vet. It's in a narrative style. Professor 'persnickety' will love it." She said disdainfully of her prim & fussy teacher. "Very personal & emotional. And I typed it, so you don't even have to re-copy it."

"Great!" Julie enthused with relief. "I was wondering how I was going to have time to do that. And how about Algebra? Did you finish copying my homework?"

"Yes." Susan spat disgustedly. "I hate even having to copy it. I wish you could disguise your writing to look like mine." She complained.

"Boy, life is just one great big bitch, isn't it?" Julie asked, surprised at her friend's basic dissatisfaction when things didn't always go her way.

"Yes, it is." Susan agreed heatedly. "And I'm sure you felt that way, too, before I started writing all of your English papers."

"Yeah. You're right." Julie conceded, humbled by the mild rebuke. "I'd never get through English if I had to write those papers." She mused. "Me doing your math, & you writing for me was a stroke of genius. How did you come up with that?"

"Practice, my friend. A lifetime of it." Susan proudly boasted.

By the time she'd graduated from high school, Susan vowed never to enter another classroom. Twelve years of nuns as mean as snakes had been enough for her. But, ten years of boring, dead-end jobs, convinced her that higher education wouldn't be so bad. The first semester had been exciting & even fun. The second semester, however, had meant advanced Algebra. She'd had trouble with math all of her life & knew that she would never get through this latest mathematical assault. Julie had the same problem with her writing class.

She was not a math wizard, but Susan had no trouble putting two & two together & coming up with a scheme to solve both her & her new friend's problem. She & Julie would do each other's homework. Math tests would be a problem, but she had a reasonable explanation all ready for that.

Susan & Julie turned in their papers to the English teacher, just as they had for the past several weeks, without a hint of suspicion. Now in Algebra, the last class of the day, Susan stared up at the clock relieved that there was only a minute left & then she could go home. She watched as the hand lunged forward & noisily struck the end of the longest two hours in her daily life. She stood up, smoothed out her short, turquoise skirt & tugged at the loose-knit ivory sweater in a futile attempt to get it to cover her breasts & still reach her waist. She gathered her books & purse & stood up.

"Susan?" Professor Khan called to her. "I should like to speak to you, please."

Susan looked up, initially angry that she would be detained. Then she realized that she, alone, would stand up close & personal with the handsome professor. She searched for Julie & smirked. Julie stood at her desk gathering her long, blond hair into a knot on top of her head. Her bright green eyes returned an alarmed look & only then did Susan even guess that something might be amiss with her scheme. She smiled back at her friend & mouthed "This is it," excited that the final phase of her plan was about to go into effect. Julie picked up her books & hugged them to the small breasts that strained against her tight black t-shirt. She offered Susan a shrug & walked out of the room, her skin-tight jeans stretching across her wiggling little bottom.

Professor Khan was somewhere around thirty-five & six feet tall. He had thick, straight black hair, large black eyes set in a serious, attractive face & a mouth that could incite the erotic fantasies of any female with a pulse. His skin was the typical smooth dark brown of those from his native Pakistan. His voice was deep, his accent melodious & if he ever wanted to quit teaching, he could model jeans, so well did he fill out those well-worn denims.

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Susan walked up to the front of the room & quietly stood next to her math professor. She looked up at him while he stared at the papers in his hand.

"There is something quite erroneous here." Professor Khan began in his formal way, his harmonious accent nearly singing the words. "Your homework is always beautiful. Each problem is worked out in every detail." He complimented. "But there is great disparity between that & your test papers." He stated, perplexed. "What is it that is happening here with this?" He asked, as close as he could get to "what's up?"

Susan looked into his handsome face with the well-practiced wide-eyed innocence she'd used on every male in her life. Here it comes, she thought. The climax of a flawless plan.

"Math is so difficult for me." Susan said, holding her breath so that her face would blush. "It takes hours for me to do what anyone else in this class would consider a simple equation." She allowed her chin to quiver. "Class time is over before I have time to finish the test." She turned her head away, obviously stifling a sob. "I feel so, so ... stupid." She buried her face in her hands & wept from humiliation & grief, her shoulders convulsing.

"If that is the case," Professor Khan said, unmoved by her tears, "then I am not having a clue as to why the few equations on your test papers are incomplete & the work not displayed." He said with perfect logic.

Susan jerked her head up & gaped open-mouthed at her teacher. She had counted on her ability to sway him with her simple explanation, innocence & weeping. She had not considered his ability to reason through a puzzle. Her mind raced through possible explanations.

"And why," Khan asked interrupting her thoughts, "with such terrible sobbing, do you have no tears?"

"My tear ducts don't work." Susan blurted.

"Nor does your performance. I hope you are not a drama major who wishes to act." Khan told her. "It has become clear to me that you are cheating in some fashion."

"No! No!  I-It ... it just takes me ..." Susan stammered. Khan's reference to acting flustered her. She pictured a scowling Danny with the hairbrush in his hand.

"Save your explanation for one who may be interested." Khan cut her short with fractured American slang & a wave of his hand. "I will take my knowledge of what you have done to the Dean & you will be expelled."

"No, don't do that! I can't be expelled!" Susan pleaded with him. "Please. I'll do the worrrrrk. I'll make it uuuup." She promised, having resorted to whining, even as she decided she would think of a better cheating scheme. "I'm soooo sorry." She began to weep again, this time managing to produce a few tears.

"Ah! I see your tear ducts have begun to function again." Khan folded his arms across his chest.

Susan switched to pouting, her full lower lip slightly turned out. She lowered her head & raised her eyes to look at her teacher through her red, curly fringe of bangs.

"You behave like an undisciplined child. Surely this conduct was not permitted in the home of your father."

"Don't talk about my father!" Susan angrily insisted, fondly remembering how she had him wrapped around her finger. Her pout now forgotten, she changed tactics. "Okay, fine, I cheated." She admitted indifferently. "I said I'd make it up. Jesus! What's the big deal, anyway?" She asked angrily "Get over it!"

"I think, instead, I will 'get' you over my knee & spank you." Khan said.

"What?!" Susan gasped.

"If you do not wish to be expelled, then that is the arrangement we will have," Khan insisted, his words musical even though his anger. "I cannot understand how you have managed to avoid a spanking until now."

Susan's mouth fell open & she almost told him not to be so full of himself. This most certainly was not the first spanking she'd ever received. It was true her father had never spanked her, but Danny had more than made up for that. But, she thought: Why should I tell this man that? If I get expelled, Danny will find out & when he discovers why, he'll spank me. He'll probably even use that hairbrush I hate so much. If Khan thinks this is my first spanking, maybe he'll go easy. If I get expelled, the spanking I get from Danny... Oh, man, I don't even want to think about it.

"Ohhhh." Susan sighed & hung her head. "I guess I don't have a choice." She conceded. "You're right that my father never ... spanked me." She whispered, trying to blush while looking at the floor.

Professor Khan sat down in his large chair & extended his hand to Susan. She put her small hand in his large one & he pulled her down over his strong legs. Those thighs she had watched pace in the classroom & tried to picture naked. At the feel of his legs under her, Susan's heartbeat quickened. She squirmed a little bit on his lap until she felt a slight, familiar throb. And then she felt her skirt flipped up to her waist.

"Hey! Wait!" She screamed, the throb disappearing as she attempted to bring her hand back to cover herself. "You can't do that!"

Khan brushed her hand away. "Do not interfere with me!"

Susan put her hand back onto the floor. She had not expected him to spank her over her panties. Worse than the shocking embarrassment of that, was the tiny metallic black & gold string bikini panties she was wearing did not cover most of her bottom, had a hole in one cheek & a tear at the waistband. Her blush was real enough now as she vowed never again to put off doing her laundry.

"Please pull my skirt down." Susan whimpered. "I don't want you to spank me over my panties." She wailed.

"I have not a care about what you want. It is your panties I will be pulling down, not your skirt." Khan lyrically informed his student. "Did no one ever teach you that a spanking is administered to the bare bottom?" He asked as he deliberately pulled loose the bow on each of the strings. He peeled back the small bit of fabric covering about half of Susan's plump bottom.

"Nooooo!" Susan screamed. Not baaaaare!"

Khan brought down a half dozen smarting spanks. Susan's bottom rolled & jiggled in response.

"Uhhhh! Owww!" Susan yelled, pretending to feel pain.

"Did you not earn this spanking?" Khan quietly asked while he spanked his student's naked chubs.

"Yes." Susan admitted, certain she sounded meek.

"Are you learning that cheaters do not prosper?" Khan asked.

"Yes! Yes, I have learned that." Susan tried to convince him. She thought her teacher could learn a thing or two from Danny about spanking, but she hoped he never would.

Khan began a rapid fire succession of spanks, filling the room with sharp retorts. Susan wiggled & struggled; her bottom jiggling with the effort.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhh!" Susan panted, beginning to feel a light sting that reminded her of what Danny considered playful spanks. The kind he delivered as they walked into their bedroom. A sort of prelude to foreplay before making love interrupted by more spanking & starting all over again.

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