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Corporate Headquarters C.P.
A multi-character, fantasy-cum-true tale by Chuck Wilson

The trim, rounded buttocks of Tracy Marlowe lay bare in all their glory & upturned over the lap of Tom Connors, one of the nine-member board of directors of a large electronics firm in Philadelphia. The other eight members, five men & three women, looked on in fascination as the bottom of the beautiful young woman was within seconds of receiving what all agreed was a well deserved & much needed spanking.

Tracy was a stunning young woman of 24, whose bright mind had earned her a series of quick promotions to her present position as assistant manager since starting with the firm only three years earlier. Her immediate supervisor was the man over whose lap her lovely gluteus maximus was presently poised. Tom Connors was manager in charge of the production department.

It was her ambition as well as her intelligence that got Tracy to the position she held, & it was that ambition that put her in the boardroom that day.

One afternoon, when she "accidentally" ran into the chairwoman of the board, Angelina Harris, she casually mentioned that during her lunch hour she had seen Mr. Connors emerging from a downtown massage parlor. She knew that Ms. Edwards would frown on that type of behavior by a firm employee & fellow board member, especially during working hours, & hoped that he would be fired-- thus elevating her another rung on the corporate ladder.

The hitch in that report was that Angelina & Tom had met for lunch that day to discuss business matters and, upon questioning, Tracy admitted that she had invented the story.

She was called before the board that afternoon & was threatened with job termination & possibly legal charges of blackmail. She had pleaded to remain on the company's payroll, even in a lesser position, & begged the board not to press charges.

"Your behavior, Tracy, reminds me of a grade school student making up stories to get a classmate in trouble," Angelina said. "And your story could have resulted in serious damage to Mr. Connors' reputation."

"I know, & I'm sorry," Tracy replied with her head bowed.

"In my day, grade school students who did such a thing would get a good spanking from the teacher or principal & then one from her parents when she got home," Angelina remarked. "I'm not sure that such a punishment wouldn't do you some good."

"Please Mrs. Harris & Mr. Connors, give me another chance," the young woman beseeched. "I'll never do such a thing again."

"You know," Jean Watson spoke up, "what you said, Madam Chairman, makes a lot of sense. I think, perhaps, we could settle the matter to the firm's & Mr. Connors' satisfaction right here & keep our names out of the courts."

"What are you saying?" Asked Fred Johnson, one of the senior board members.

"I think I know what she's saying," Angelina spoke up, "& so do you other board members. Mrs. Watson's suggesting that Tracy be given a spanking here & in front of the board in lieu of possible jail time. What about it, Tracy?"

The pretty & shapely brunette was stunned. She could not answer.

"It's up to you, of course," Angelina added. "You can accept a sound spanking here or take your chances before a judge. Of course, you will have to sign a waiver saying to agree to the spanking. I can have one of the secretaries type up such an agreement within a few minutes."

"Oh, there must be some other way," Tracy said as he cheeks blushed bright red.

"I'm not speaking for the entire board, but, as far as I'm concerned, those are your only two options," Angelina retorted. "Are there any objections from the other members?"

No hands were raised.

"Then, Miss Marlowe, I would suggest that you make your decision now. We have other matters to discuss."

The hapless young woman shifted from one foot to the other, desperately trying to think of a way out of the mess she had created. Finally, she spoke:

"All right, I'll do it," she said.

"Do what?" Angelina asked, forcing Tracy to say it for the record.

"I'll take the sp-spanking," she stammered.

Tracy was asked to leave the room for a few minutes while the board members discussed the matter further. When she returned, Angelina spoke again:

"We have decided unanimously that this will be the procedure concerning your discipline, Tracy. You will return here for our Thursday afternoon meeting, & among the last items on the agenda will be your spanking.

"Since Mr. Connors was the wronged party, you will go over his knees. Your dress will be raised & your panties lowered & he will administer a severe bare bottom spanking."

"OH NO!" Tracy exclaimed. "You can't spank me bare."

"Only your spanking area will be bared," Angelina said. It is necessary that the board see the damage being inflicted on your buttocks. Now, no more interruptions unless you want to change your mind. Is that clear?"

"Y-Yes, Ma'am," the brunette replied meekly.

"After your buttocks have been well reddened, you will be required to bend over the table & each board member will apply three hard strokes with a strap across your behind. Do you understand all this?"

"Y-Yes," Tracy replied.

"All right, you may leave, Miss Marlowe," Angelina said. When you return Thursday, you will be wearing only a dress, high heels & panty hose. No garter belt."

Still blushing furiously, Tracy nodded, then turned & quickly left the room.


The seconds leading up to the warming of Tracy's bottom were ticking away & the pretty young brunette was frantically trying to think of one final appeal that might save her the humiliation of this childish punishment.

After bending over Tom Connors' lap, she had drawn in her breath as her dress was raised above her hips & had clenched her eyes tightly during the lowering of her panties by none other than Angelina Harris. How could she cause this humiliation to another woman? Tracy wondered.

Feeling the man's palm rubbing over her condemned seat was embarrassing enough, but her mind rebelled at the thought of the other board members watching her naked buttocks turn red. Oh, how she regretted her actions that led to this degradation. Perhaps, she thought, if she apologized with perceived sincerity, she could still leave the room with a white rear end.

"Mr. Connors & other board members," she began as she looked back over her shoulder & saw the twin mounds begging for punishment, "I'm sincerely sorry for what I did. P-Please let me off... PLEASE don't spank me!"

"Tracy," Angelina said, "this entire board voted on your punishment & the sentence was handed down. You accepted it, so take it like a lady."

"Yes, Ma'am," Tracy meekly replied & let her head hang back down toward the floor. Her feet were off the floor on the other side of Mr. Connors's lap as he had shifted her further forward so that her bottom lay directly upturned before his admiring gaze.

Tom Connors could not believe his good fortune. He had watched Tracy's clothed bottom wiggling provocatively as she walked past him just about every day for the past nine months, since she had been appointed his assistant. And each time he had longed to give it a smack.

Now those cheeks were lying over his knees in all their gorgeous nudity & were his to spank soundly. He let his palm rub over them tentatively but, with the other board members looking on, he could not hesitate much longer.

So he raised his palm & brought it down with a resounding smack on the young woman's right buttock & quickly gave the other one its due. He would have liked to admire the twin pink splotches on the otherwise creamy white backside but he did not want to let on to the other members that he considered this anything but punishment for an errant female.

As his hand flashed up & down, Tracy wiggled more violently over his lap & her legs were kicking as much as her rucked down panty hose would allow. The three women board members, including Angelina, could not help but blush while watching the reddening of another woman's bare behind but the men were thoroughly enjoying the spectacle.

"Oh ... Oww ... I'm sorry ... Really I am ... Please, Mr. Connors, stop ... Owwchh ... Ms. Harris ... Owww ... Make him stop ... Owww, it hurts," the hapless brunette yelled.

"I hope you're learning something from this," Angelina said.

"Oh, yes ... Oww ... I am ... Owww ... Owwww ... Oucchhh!"

Tom Connors said nothing but continued to spank the bare, bounding bottom mounds of the pretty young woman, his palm changing their color to a deeper shade of red. He landed three hard smacks on the outer buttock & then gave the other side a triple application. Then he smacked along the bottom cleft & onto the backs of her thighs.

Her buttocks were clenched tightly together as he returned his attention to them.

Tracy had never realized how tender that part of her anatomy was & her legs were thrashing about wildly. Tears caused by shame, remorse & pain were coursing down the cheeks of her lovely face.

"Oh please ... Owww ... I'm burning up back there," the helpless young woman shrieked. But Tom merely smiled as he felt the warmth every time his palm landed on the deeply reddened orbs.

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"I think that's enough, Tom," Angelina finally broke in. This young lady still has an appointment with the strap & her bottom already looks like she'll be having trouble sitting down for the next few days. Bring her over here."

Tom helped the sobbing girl off his lap & led her toward the table. "Bend over, Tracy," he ordered and, with much reluctance, she obeyed.

"We'll take turns holding her wrists on the other side of the table," Angelina said. "I will go first & Tom will get the last three swings at this arrogant behind. I would suggest that we spread the strokes around so that her thighs get as much attention as her bottom."

"Pleeeaseee ... Pleeeaseee ... Don't do this ... No more, Pleeaseee," Tracy begged. But, her wrists held firmly on the other side of the table, she could only wiggle her cherry red buttocks provocatively as Angelina stood beside her, positioning the strap for its first blow.

"Put your legs further apart," she ordered, & Tracy complied, creating a slightly larger target for the strap. Angelina brought her arm back & then shot the leather forward so that it crashed against the center of the huddling mounds.


The cheeks shook with the impact & Angelina waited until they were once again still before taking second aim. This time the strap fell at the link between buttocks & thighs and, again, Tracy's body reacted violently. Angelina smiled & waited once more before bringing the strap down across the already reddened thighs.

"Ohh, no more there, please," Tracy pleaded. "If you must do this, hit my bottom."

Angelina handed the strap to the next board member in line & the process continued for nearly a half hour before Tom Connors got his second chance at the girl who had tried to ruin his career.

Her buttocks now thoroughly blistered, Tracy looked back with tear-filled eyes at him. "Oh, please, Tom, I've had enough. You've spanked me. Isn't that enough?"

Tracy's pleading look was too much for him. He rubbed her fiery cheeks with the palm of his hand. "She's had enough," he said as he tossed the strap on the table. "Let her up."

Her arms released, the tearful young brunette pushed herself off the table & her dress immediately fell back into place. Her panties still at her knees, she pushed her hands under her dress & then up to console her burning nates. She rubbed carefully while she stood looking red-faced at the assembled group that had just caused her such pain & humiliation.

"You may take tomorrow off, Tracy," Angelina told her, "but when you return Monday you will be sent to the secretarial pool with the appropriate cut in salary. After what you did, you can be thankful that you have a job at all."

"Y-Yes, th-thank you," Tracy stammered, uncertain that she was at all grateful as stinging waves of pain coursed through her well-strapped heinie. Jail was worse than what she'd just received, but not much.

"Now pull up your panties & get out of here," the older woman said.

After quickly retrieving the panties & pulling them up over well-tanned & swollen buttocks, Tracy gratefully left the board room.


"Come in," said Tom Connors in answer to the knock on his office door. "Oh hello, Tracy. What can I do for you?"

The pretty brunette closed the door behind her & slowly approached his desk. It was the first time she had worked up the nerve to face him since her painful & embarrassing experience nearly a week earlier.

"Tom," she began, "I just wanted to stop by & tell you again how sorry I am for trying to get you fired. I know now that I deserved that spanking & I want to thank you for not strapping me when the other board members were finished."

"Well," the man said with a grin, "Your bottom looked as if it had taken about all it could."

Tracy blushed. "Wow, you're not kidding," she said with a wry smile. "For most of the weekend I couldn't sit down at all & even on Monday I needed a pillow for my chair."

"Anyway, you're welcome," Tom said. "I'm glad you profited from the experience."

"I sure did," she replied. "One more thing, Tom. I know I also deserved to be demoted but I would sure like my old job back."

"We would have a problem there," Tom said. "Janet has been given your previous job. I suppose we could move her to another department as assistant manager, but the board would have to approve it. And I think they would like you to spend more time working your way up the ladder again."

"Yes, I understand," Tracy said, bowing her head.

"I've always admired your work," the man continued, "& I think you really have learned your lesson. So I will bring it up at tomorrow's board meeting & recommend that you be reinstated. But, if you are, you will have to watch your step."

"Oh, I will," Tracy exclaimed. "And what's more, if you are able to get my job back for me, you can give me another spanking as a condition of employment." She flashed a teasing smile.

"Hey, I'll take you up on that," Tom quickly retorted.

"Oh God, I was only kidding," she said.

"Well, I'm not," he shot back. "I'll let you know what the board decides."

Blushing even more profusely, Tracy turned & left his office.

"Tracy, you've got a big mouth," she mumbled to herself as she returned to the typing pool. But, she reasoned, another spanking would be small payment if she could regain her previous position with the company. And it couldn't be as bad as the first one. Or could it?


"Tracy, I sent for you because I have some good news," Tom said as Tracy walked into his office. It had been two days since their last conversation.

"Y-You mean ... ?"

"Yes. The board agreed to reinstate you as my assistant," the man replied.

"Oh Tom, how can I ever thank you?" Tracy cried.

"By behaving yourself," he answered, "And by not trying to overstep your authority again."

"Oh, I promise." She quickly said. "When do I start?"

"You will be immediately reinstated after you have bent over my lap & received another good, sound, bare bottom spanking."

"Oh no!" Tracy exclaimed. "I hoped you had forgotten about that."

"Forgot the opportunity to spank lovely buns such as you possess?" He replied. "Certainly not."

"Oh, all right," she sighed. "Do you want to do it now?"

"No. This office is far from soundproof," Tom said. "Come back at 5:00. Everyone's usually gone by then & we can conduct our little meeting in private. And, by the way, when you get your new job description, you will see that it includes accepting spankings for any serious infractions throughout your employment here."

"Oh, that's not fair," Tracy pouted.

"After seeing the benefits you received from that first bottom warming, I think future disciplinary sessions are definitely in order."

"Do you call what I got a 'bottom warming'?" She asked. "My butt felt as if it had been branded."

"Don't worry," Tom replied. "I promise I will be fair & will spank only for just cause. Just show up on time this evening."

Since it was 11 o'clock, Tracy had more than six hours to contemplate the fate that awaited her. She found her appetite lacking during her lunch hour & spent the time window shopping.

At the end of the workday, she went into the ladies' room & stayed there most of the next half hour, until she was certain that the other employees had left. When she looked at her watch, she saw it was 5:25 & headed for Tom's office.


"I see you are punctual, Tracy," Tom said as she entered the closed the office door. "I see that the first spanking has already produced some improvement in your behavior. Let's see what we can accomplish with this one."

Tom placed a straight-backed chair in front of his desk & Tracy immediately noticed on the desk was the strap she had become acquainted with earlier along with a wood-backed hairbrush.

"Tom, you don't really plan to use those on me," she said pointing to the implements. "I thought you would just be using your hand."

"I learned that you have a tough little bottom," Tom replied, "& I don't intend to wear out my hand on it. I don't know what you expected, but, if you want your job back, you will have to take another good tanning."

She hesitated. "Well," she said as she walked to the right side of the seated man, "I guess I asked for this."

"Raise your dress & get over my knees," he ordered, & Tracy obeyed. He folded the dress up so that it was well out of the way of her spanking area. He was looking at her upturned panty-covered bottom, a garter belt & nylon-encased legs & thighs.

Tom quickly unhooked the garter belt from the stockings & carefully rolled them down to her knees. Then, as Tracy felt her face flush from embarrassment, he grasped the panties at the waistband & pulled them down to join the stockings.

He gripped her around the waist to pull her forward & further elevate her now nude bottom, thereby causing her feet to leave the floor. Her high heeled shoes dangled in midair.

With no witnesses this time, Tom was free to let his palm wander over the exposed bottom flesh of his lovely assistant. Now he had more time to examine it & he was entranced by its beauty. The perfectly sculptured buttocks were again smooth & white & waiting for the red color to return to them.

He was in no hurry to begin the coloring process but felt it not wise to wait too long. So, getting a good grip around her waist, he brought his palm down with the first smack bridging the two mounds.

He began spanking at an even tempo, slapping each cheek in turn about every five seconds. Tracy immediately began to kick her legs & first one high heeled shoe & then the other flew off & across the room.

She had brought this punishment on herself & was trying to accept it with grace. But, as slap after slap began spreading a rosy redness over her entire bottom, she found that she had to acknowledge the pain.

"Oh! Oww! Owww! Owwww! Ouch! Please! Owwww! Tom, please stop! Owwchhh! I'm sorry! Owwww! Owwww!"

Again the vision of being spanked bare bottom over the lap of a man caused tears to form in Tracy's eyes & then trickle down her face. The pain was not too bad at this point but the humiliation was overwhelming.

"This spanking should impress on you that you are my assistant & not the manager of this department," Tom said as the young woman's buttocks flattened & rebounded under his palm.

"Yes ... Owww ... Yes ... I understand ... Please, Tom ... You're wearing out my butt," Tracy yelled.

"A good spanking won't wear out this pretty butt," he replied with a chuckle. "It went too long without this type of discipline. If your parents had performed their duties, it would not be so tender."

Tom was covering the entire spanking area, including the real sit-down area-- the upper thighs. And the area was becoming a darker hue.

"Your bottom won't wear out, but my hand just might," he declared, reaching back to his desk for the hairbrush. Seeing that, Tracy began wiggling frantically in an attempt to get off the man's lap.

"Stop that!" He commanded. "Quit wiggling & take the spanking you've got coming."

"Please, Tom," she cried as she looked back to see the brush hovering over her dark red seat. "Don't spank me any more. At least, not with that awful brush."

"Your bottom does look very sore," he responded, again indicating the compassion he had shown in not strapping her earlier. "I want you to be able to sit down to work tomorrow, so, if you take this portion of your punishment like a good girl, I won't use the strap tonight. But that doesn't mean I won't on future occasions."

Tracy put her head down, gritted her teeth & clenched her buttocks tightly together. Tom had decided to take it easy on the pretty brunette, so he gave each cheek a series of five hard smacks with the brush before replacing it on the desk.

"That's all for tonight, Tracy," he said as he helped her to her feet. "But remember, under our new agreement, you will pay for future transgressions with your bare bottom over my knees. Is that understood."

She stood there for a few moments, hiccuping & rubbing her burning seat. "Oh yes," she finally sobbed. "And thank you for getting my job back."

"I would say you earned it," Tom replied as he pulled the crying woman close to him & moved his hands down to cup her crimson buttocks. "Yes, you've certainly earned it."

The brightly blushing end!

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