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In San Francisco!

Frisco co-hostess Mistress Mystie Gray & a like-minded lady friend hoist a dream catcher before setting out to satisfy them & slay the frustrations of as many needy, naughty male & female attendees as they could & DID throughout the night!
(more Frisco pics just below!)

to a naughtily nostalgic peek back at a few proudly cheeky pics from the bi-coastal pinnacle of our relatively short but oh-so successfully sweet foray on to the She-spanks-He social stage in the mid 1990's reveals:

good time

was had
by all!

And New York City!

New York City hostess Mistress Morgan Mayfair giggles along with an excited group of finally free to be firm gals ganging up on this obviously lucky, naughty gent & getting their hands on many more before the
spank-happy night was through!

(click to jump to more NYC pics)

Lasting only a couple of years before we ran out of steam... Putting parties together for old-fashioned spankers isn't as easy as throwing a bash for your bowling buddies, you know, especially when you're determined to do it right as we were praised for by partiers over several solo F/M socials at Paddles in New York City before we went bi-coastal & happily passed the torch to  Ms. Margaret Davis, a dear NNL friend & NNL contributor who helped make all of our New York events memorable for all & ever-lasting for the lucky men she took over her capable lap & spanked to blushing bliss!

Well, we couldn't have hoped for a better heroine to continue championing our cause, & Margaret has proudly carried the torch to new heights with regular one-night NYC socials, spanking weekends in The Poconos of Pennsylvania, & an open to all spanker group she founded & aptly named the Spanking Community of New York, or SCONY for short.

The foray Barb & I took into expanding & satisfying the She-spanks-He social scene in the mid-nineties was relatively short, too. However, as we like to think & believe you'll see & agree in the smiling faces & bottoms displayed here, it was sweet while it lasted & so successful that attendees still fondly remember them all these years later & occasionally ask if & when we'll be getting back onto the spanking social stage.

Regrettably, the best answer we can give is, "never say never."  But, thankfully, others besides Margaret have stepped in & up to form groups around the world that include regular or occasional gatherings where kindred spanking spirits can enjoy letting their hair (or more!) down in the company of people who know, love & share the same naughty passion & secret.

Cyber spanking pals are great & finding that special playmate or partner through an on-line ad is fantastic.  But there's something special about socializing with a group of like-minded spanking devotees.  So, if slipping off to party or weekend with other spankers is not beyond your limits, Barb & I encourage you to consider spreading your spanking social wings.

However, to avoid disappointment, we must add that you shouldn't go to any event expecting to "play" or to meet that "special someone."  Hoping is fine & hardly fruitless since both have & do happen.  But don't expect anything more than a fun & exciting social interaction with nice, normal, slightly naughtier than usual folks just like you & anything else you may get will all be gravy.

Most if not all of the groups that have sprouted up across the spanking world have websites & reputations if not verifiable references or a history of sponsored social events.  So, a little research should do the trick &, hopefully, provide the magical experience you want & deserve.

If so, please do let us know.  Barb & I would like to put on & pull off more memorable parties someday for all of our friends & fans. But, until then, we'll be satisfied with passing on any recommendations or comments you can supply for our spanking kin to enjoy the social scene as much as Barb, I & the friends & fans did at these bi-coastal She-spanks-He soirees & the ones that followed.  But only in New York City.

Unfortunately for our West Coast FemDom followers, fate intervened before the next Frisco area bash they all demanded could be & Barb chose to leave her spanking-new friends & beloved California behind to move east & join up with me. I was & still am sorry for the disappointment that followed. But I'm comforted by the undeniable fact that Barb & all the guests at our only West Coast She-spanks-He social will always have their warm memories of that very magical one night by the bay. - Michael  

Some cheeky pics from our
Blushing by the Golden Gate bash!

Organized & hosted by our camera shy (but caught somewhere in the pic above!) Barb & held at the Frisco BDSM club, Differences, like-minded singles & couples mix & mingle at the beginning of our West Coast soirée, each with their own hopes & dreams of what might be in store for them on that spanking special night... And was for all before it was through!

Frisco BDSM activist, socialite, lifestyler, friend, Firm-Handed Ladies columnist, SHE video star, & revered Mistress Mystie Gray literally hands out pointers on how to spank a jean-covered bottom & then steps back to admire her newbie NNL's eagerness to put her tips to the test to her dominant delight &, no doubt, to the deliriously spank-happy satisfaction of the big bad boy over her knees as well!!

While one appropriately red-clad NNL spank-happily fills her eyes with the sight of a cute pair of bare boyish buns & her palm with the feel of his warming flesh, another's palm itches until she can't resist. Asking to join in, she draws smiles from her sister spanker & ouches from her fortunate target with the same obvious enthusiasm she already showed in the pics above!

Two more of the finally free to be firm-handed ladies that attended our S.F. soiree' took advantage of the relaxed, friendly atmosphere created by our limited ticket sales to ensure a comfy She-He ratio, our encouraging hostesses who refused to let any wallflowers vegetate, & our wonderfully mannerly male attendees. They all knew or were taught how to treat a no-nonsense LADY &, as a result, they were ALL treated to the red-cheeked reward they deserved somewhere during that magical night just like these two & the others daring enough to allow us to snap & share these pics of them in action.  Thanks guys!  And, of course, you equally daring gals, too!!

And some equally cheeky pics from our first
Moons Over Manhattan
She-spanks-He TRUE Social HIT!

Organized with the same care as our west coast winner & hosted with equal glee  by Mistress Morgan Mayfair, then NNL editor, acclaimed NYC pro, real deal lifestyler & shining star of our exquisitely emotional, sleazy shutterbug gets it in front of the two giggling younger models he tried to seduce flick, A Very Sorry Photographer, the moon over Manhattan & Paddles, the notorious & now historic NYC BDSM club, really did blush the night of our first east coast She-spanks-He social as fans & friends whooped it up & vented their pent up passions as spank-happily as the three obviously eager to go gals give it to two equally eager to get it guys in the pic below, the others cheeky enough to appear on this page, & the many more who roamed & rejoiced in the red-cheeked bliss of being able to see, hear & feel their darkest desires & naughtiest fantasies being fulfilled!

Lovely but lethal when necessary, Alexis Taylor, the sassy, sexy, switchable star of two of our hottest flicks... Spanking big bad boy butt with gusto in our 5 to 1 She-spanks-He festival,  A Very Sorry Photographer 2!  And getting her cute & shapely buns slapped to tears in her semi-autobiographical sensation, Sassy Sister's Spankings!, generously took on & gamely wore her arm out warming, stinging & scalding the naughty bare bottoms of all the never too old gents eager to squirm over her lovely lap!

Brandishing the two-sided SHE strap (soft but stingy leather on one side/VERY stingy composite plastic on the other), a real deal spanking wife from the then Jersey based Seashore Spankers group makes her naughty hubby attest to the effectiveness of our now nicely notorious spanking tool for all to see & hear!

Without a pants-down doubt, the highlight of that naturally high moons over Manhattan evening was seeing ALL of the more experienced Lady Spankers & frustrated firm-handed females we managed to draw out of the shadows for the first time & watching them make the most of their sure handed chance to shine, show, learn, bond & satisfy as many equally busy bad boys like the one above & at right.  He obviously got around!  And so did the others below & the many more camera shy others looking for play or a taste of the overdue hairbrush punishment they deserved & received over the lap of the lady below & others into real deal discipline or eager to experience the thrill of turning a grown man over their knees & back into a sorry, sore-bottomed & oh-so gratefully submissive boy by the time they're through enjoying themselves!

Every Lady Spanker has her own delightfully individual desires & style, but all we spank-happily observed were very partial to ritualistic scolding, interrogating, pinching, patting &, of course, stripping away the last vestige of dignity a man can feel when he's hanging over a Lady's lap about to be spanked like the naughty lad below... Especially if the Lady reaching under to unzip his pants encounters a rod of resistance along the way as will happen with really naughty boys of all ages & did more than once that wonderful night!


Please do note that ALL material on this site & contained within our fanzines & flicks is the internationally copyright protected property of us old-fashioned spankers at Scarlett Hill Entertainment &/or the original creators as noted & thus may not be reposted, republished or reused in any form without our express written consent.  And, of course, ALL models contained herein are consenting adults over the age of 18 years as we always demand they be & all materials are in full compliance with 18 U.S.C. § 2257 pertaining to the publication of photography & film in an electronic media as we have always insisted it be on our own as responsible adults.